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JVC HA-FX3X or Hisoundaudio Wooduo 2

  1. adhd
    I recently purchased another pair of  JVC HA-FX3X as I got them at a great price on eBay and had them before and LOVED the bass in these. I stumbled across the Hisoundaudio Wooduo 2 and am in love with the rosewood used on these and was considering upgrading to these. Has any one been able to compare these two pieces? The Wooduo 2 is supposed to be fairly bass heavy from what I've read but still have clear mids and highs. I'm just curious if the bass from the Wooduo 2 will be able to match the JVC's.
  2. ShibeSuchBass
    Stumbled onto this thread, i would also like to know an answer to this. Bump?
  3. jensen2000
    I recently bought the FX3Xs myself to see if my beloved FX1X could be improved upon. I was pleased to discover they were indeed a grown up version of the 1X.

    So I immediately wanted to have a delve into the rarefied world of hi fi IEMs but could not accept anything without that bassline.

    So after much Head-Fi research I settled on the Hippo-VBs. Problem is availability in the UK is poor to non-existent and US source at twice their due retail price was a complete no-no.

    Back to Head-Fi I go. Read a bit about Wooduo2, discover that the reviews instantly gel with my wants, hopes and expectations.

    Do some Googling on prices and discover £40 or best offer option + £5 delivery UK source. So I offer £35 and it's auto-accepted, so that's all in for £40, which is about £15-20 cheaper than anywhere else.

    Received them a very long 2 days later. Great packaging, rubbish phrasing and self promotion on the box. More tips than I've ever had before. Settle for medium double flanges. Ok. Here we go.

    Wow! That is all. Well, not quite, firstly my poor JVCs haven't seen the light of day in 2 weeks and I'm already buying another pair of Wooduo2s to safeguard my future listening pleasure.

    The bass is equal to the sheer volume of anything put out by the FX1X or FC3X but has much better control in all areas.
    The mids and high frequencies are a world away altogether. I always got a feeling the JVCs made sound above 150Hz because they felt obliged to. A bit like an obstinate teen but these Wooduos are Rod & Todd called to Sunday School. Utterly there already and wanting to do exactly what they are told.

    I find the whole mid to treble experience a little bit emotional really, because from the clarity and smoothness across female vocals to stunning piano key strikes and synth cymbals crashing crisply whilst echoing left-right-left-right as they fadeaway, is so beyond my previous experiences it's unreal.

    Yeah, kind of like them in conclusion. :)

    For £40, it's simply bonkers not to, for £80, I'd still buy that 2nd pair and sing their praises from the rafters; and these things would reproduce in utter clarity my atrocious singing and lift out every nuance of my missed notes.
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