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JVC HA-FW01 - The New Top End Wood Driver IEM (2017)

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  1. jwbrent
    Just run music on your JVC continuously at a medium volume level for a couple weeks ...

    You can try foam tips like Comply T-400s, they seal pretty well.
  2. amature101
    When will the new fw be released?
  3. BlinkST
    My FW01 just seem to get better and better... Whereas the bass was the weakest part of the sound, it’s now my favorite.
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  4. Jmop
    Wow, nothing in this entire thread about the FW03? I don't know if you all are skittish because there's no removable cable but I just ordered one from eBay for about $150. I mean, check out these measurements..

    https://imgur.com/Zg4Zxtn FW03
    https://imgur.com/kIvTmjx FW02
    https://imgur.com/5GrWHaL FW01

    Not saying measurements are everything, but u definitely don't want 4-5khz at the same level as 3khz. That lower treble is going to be painful. I'll take that very slight lowering of sub bass level over that brightness any day. Give the mids room to breathe, come on now. I'm hoping these mop the floor with my previously owned Final E4000, though the response looks similar. Just hope the housings suit my ear well enough.
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  5. WhatToChoose
    Looking forward to some impressions man, after you've had about a week or two to listen to em
  6. Jmop
    Looking forward to it myself!
  7. oneofthem
    My fw01 also very bright..compared to jvc fxz200. Got them instead of fd01 because all the info could gather was that fd is even more brighter. sux
  8. Jmop
  9. BlinkST
    I’m gonna officially say that my FW01 has eclipsed my FXZ200. I used the FXZ200 one day while out to run some errands, and the bass was no longer impressive to me... No matter what song I pulled up, I couldn’t wait to go back home and listen to the FW01.

    I’m confident that if I bought the FW10000, I’d be satisfied by the bass performance.
  10. james444 Contributor
    I've heard and measured both side by side, and the difference is negligible. They both require damping mods to contain upper mids energy.

    JVC FD02 vs. FD01 stock.jpg
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  11. Jmop
    Yeah that looks a bit rough to listen to. Good looking out with more feedback on the newer models. That spike at the end looks menacing but probably not as noticeable with the lower treble energy being highlighted.
  12. Jmop
    Burning this FW03 like a log on a campfire right now. Sounds more or less like what I was expecting.. a nice warm, musical sound that’s well balanced. Glad to hear that lower treble being fairly smooth out of the box, let’s hope it opens up more but doesn’t get sharper. Will give it more time.
  13. Jmop
    I’d say this is a solid iem, still a bit hot in the lower treble for my personal taste but not likely far from the other woodies in quality as I find the overall sound pretty darn good for “mid-fi.”
  14. seeteeyou
  15. BlinkST
    I’ve seen that too, and if history serves, the next portable amp could cost at least $1,000.

    I hope that they address the heating issues with the current design, and add USB-C to future-proof it.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
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