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JVC HA-FW01 - The New Top End Wood Driver IEM (2017)

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  1. Ahmad313
    is the FD01 also carries a v-shape sound signature ,???
  2. endlesswaves
    Anybody tried FW01 with earlier version of Spiral Dot tips? Just tried and my jaw literally dropped. I couldn't get a good seal with the new version Spiral Dots tips no matter which size I try.

    With the older tips, I can say the bass is no longer less than FX1200 in quantity and better in quality.

    Sorry if I am repeating earlier post if someone already posted this. Am too happy and excited with this discovery.
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  3. BlinkST
    I believe that these have dropped sufficiently in price, so I just purchased a pair via BuySmartJapan (The total price is a little over $356). I would like to see for myself what this wood stuff is all about.
  4. BlinkST
    Ah... I was suspicious that they could announce a new model soon, because the FW01 is going on 3 years old. Well, here it is: the FW10000 or FW10K for short.


    Official thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/victor-ha-fw10000-10th-anniversary-model.891366/

    I’ll be a proud owner of the FW01 in another week or two, but this is still on my radar, along with the potential SW01 successor. I intend to eventually own the SU-AX01 and the balanced cable.
  5. nevrsumr
    That is a bit more expensive than I was expecting. 3x the price isn't in the same league.
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  6. iems0nly
    For all the JVC Woody lovers! Look what's coming up next month!
    JVC is releasing FW 10000 WOOD commemorating the 10th anniversary of WOOD series!
    JVC FW10000.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
  7. iems0nly
    double post!
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
  8. BlinkST
    These arrived much earlier than I had expected, and my goodness, they are larger than I had expected as well. Even the jack part of the cable seems comically large.

    Anyhow, for me, purchasing this has been a dream come true. The two earphones that I currently own are the JVC HA-FXZ200 and Sony XBA-N3AP.

    Within seconds of firing up the FW01, the sound felt a bit confined. I could see that they could reach the same volume as the XBA-N3AP, but with one less stop. They made some details more audible, and... There's something about the way the voices hit my ears that kept giving me chills. The isolation is so-so, but I consider it suitable for my commute, because they just sound too good not to use. Only, I purchased them for home listening, and I plan to baby them. I'll have to listen to them for a good while in order to gauge the character of the Wood driver.

    I've never been this excited to own an earphone, or buy into a manufacturer's vision. That is, the balanced cable and amp that I'd like to purchase before this year is finished.


  9. nevrsumr
    Welcome to the club. I wear mine over the ear. They fit better like that. Next stop Andromeda :)
  10. mochill
    Next stop fw 10k
  11. BlinkST
    Some thoughts after some burn in and listening. This is as compared to the FXZ200, which I listen to the most.

    • The shoutiness has gone down, but a bit still remains. The sound is still rather energetic and thick.
    • Details are effortless.
    • Clarity is fantastic. There are some sounds that my FXZ200 struggled to reproduce without distorting. The FW01 handles it.
    • The way that the highs move around is like the audio version of watching the ripples in a puddle of water.
    • On more popular kinds of music — Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B — the bass is respectable, but a bit tame when it comes to the rumble. It is deep and punchy, but the growl is a little tame. At least, those were my initial thoughts. As the driver broke-in some more, and I kept listening to songs, the bass was fine. It’s just that everything else was so clear that the bass seemed tame by comparison. The sound is so clear, separated, and balanced, that I can’t picture it sounding any better. When one particular song started tickling my ears, it was case was closed. There was so much bass that I don’t know what I was doing thinking it’s tame.
    • On acoustic instruments on the other hand, the bass is more pronounced.
    • The bass is multifaceted. At times it seemed to best. separated with its own space to play in, like everything else.
    • Whether it be background performers or samples, everything is easier to pinpoint. When a sound emanates from the distance, it is convincing.
    • Voices and instruments in particular sound very close to the real thing. Little nuances like the emotional expressions in vocals are spooky. The mood of the performer is more convincing — makes me want to sing along.
    • Every song that I’ve heard with these, sounds different from I’m used to hearing. It feels like I’m listening to what sounds closer to a performance, and at any time, the surrounding details can grab my attention from the centerpiece.
    • Certain genres do not do these justice. They sound good with everything, but they only sound great with certain genres.

    Confirmed one of my worst suspicions today... And that is that these need considerable power that I can't get from the iPad or iPhone alone. On those two devices the bass is smaller and the overall sound is thinner. On the MacBook Pro, it sounds just right. It's not too bad for me, because I bought these for home use anyway, but there's a heads-up for anyone who wants to use these with just their smartphone.

    Listening to these today, the sound is softer, relaxing across the spectrum, and very detailed. This is the first time that I can say that I’m actually enjoying them at the moment out of my iPad Pro. I’m on the verge of walking around with these. Volume is 3 stops from full. The shoutiness is almost completely gone. More than 10 days worth of burn-in time so far, with 9 more to go.

    The shoutiness continues to go away, and the sound continues to soften up. Makes for much easier listening.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
  12. BlinkST
    The bass on these is rather modest compared to the FXZ200 and the XBA-N3. Both of them outperform the FW01 when driven from a phone, tablet, or laptop. If the woodie line is famous for bass, I sure don’t hear any; the bass is the weakest part of the FW01’s sound. It’s puzzling, because the specs:

    6Hz ~ 50,000Hz

    16Ω (at 1kHz)

    5Hz ~ 26,000Hz

    Would suggest a similar bass response, but nope. I suspect that they need an amplifier, and I have a particular one in my sights. Otherwise, the other two earphones are better purchases if you don’t use amps. They rumble like nobody’s business. The FW01 sounds anemic by comparison.
  13. BlinkST
    I'll share some thoughts on the SU-AX01 that arrived today.

    • The cost is $617 total from Amazon Japan.
    • The amp is pretty hefty. It's portable, but not pocketable.
    • The FW01's sound is pretty sweet (single-ended; high-intensity mode w/ K2 on). More "complete" and yet less fatiguing.
    • The bass is not on the same thunderous level of the FXZ200, but it's fine. It's actually hard to find fault with the overall sound. Whereas bass is the star of the show on the FXZ200, the sound of the FW01 is more complete and significantly more detailed. They will make you love live recordings. Sample-heavy songs not so much.
    • The SU-AX01 can run a little on the warm side in high-intensity mode (blue light), which as you can see requires a power connection via an iPad charger.

    I bought this and the cable from two different stores, and it arrived today before the balanced cable. The cable hasn't even made it stateside according to the tracking.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  14. chinerino
    I am about to pick up a second hand JVC FW01 and I am worried that its mid will be very recessed. Crinnacle did leave a note where it say it is very dark, just wanna hear it from the woodies here do you all feel the same?
  15. endlesswaves
    Used to own a JVC SU-AX7. Sold it. Was paired with Shanling M1 at that time thru USB. It drained my Shanling M1's battery in about 15 minutes of playing. Bought a Shanling M3S with line out to pair with this SU-AX7. But ended selling the SU-AX7 instead as the balanced out thru Shanling M3S was better. K2 on and off not much difference to me at that time.

    Now using FW01 with Sony WM1A, Effect Audio's Thor II 4.4mm balanced with KZ Starline ear tips. This is a hard to beat combo, IMHO. Each combo compliments each other.

    Wonder how this SU-AX01 sounds like now. @BlinkST can you compare it with a Sony WM1A? Curious about how this amp sounds like in comparison with other source. Thank you in advance.
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