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Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by basketball, May 26, 2012.
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  1. basketball
    For Sale
    Brand new. Never used. Looking for $78 plus split shipping cost. Shipping to Canada should be $10 and shipping to the US should be $18. The shipping cost would be split of course. Looking for a quick sale as I want to try something new. 
    . PM sent
  3. basketball
    Still for sale.
  4. eke2k6
    I just came across a post of yours where you were telling someone that you were going to pick up two sets in Alberta for $52 CAD each. According to one of my Canadian friends, tax there is relatively low, and there is NO WAY you could be charging that much for them. Shipping to the US costs less than $14 CAD for standard airmail.
    The total would come out to $60 (after tax) + $14 shipping to the US = $74 which is far less than the $96 you want.
    Flipping is against forum rules.
  5. basketball
    NO I didnt pick two up. And I had to pay for GST and shipping. Stop making strange posts. Dweaver already proved you wrong. And you tried to close down my thread. What a Jerk!
  6. eke2k6
    [​IMG] Dweaver proved nothing. Furthermore, if you picked it up at the full price, why are you selling them for $78 BRAND NEW, and STILL SEALED? Are you trying to be some sort of saint?
  7. basketball
    Dweaver proved you wrong. And you emitted it on the fxt90 thread but you won't here.

    Dweaver quote on quote:

    For clarification, Eke managed to get his from me and I happen to live in the only province with no sales tax just 5% GST as compared to 12-15% HST in most other locations which also gets levied on shipping etc, so $70 is not out of line and even $85 may be not out of line if the Canadian purchase was in the worst provinces (most in the Maritimes) coupled with shipping from one coast to the other. Also there can be incidental costs like outer shipping cartons which happen to cost $2-5 as well.

    Ok stop posting post for the sake of the number of threads you wrote rising. Instead write posts with an intention. Not to piss people off.
  8. eke2k6
    We later found a post of you telling someone you were going to pick up the sets in Alberta for $53.
    Post your receipt to prove it and I'll leave you alone.
  9. wormsdriver
  10. jchrist
    Assuming that the seller purchased them during the BOGO event at some Future Shop store in Alberta, he would've had to pay 99.99 CAD + 5% GST for two pairs (~105 CAD total); so ~53 CAD for a single pair is right on the mark.
    The seller also mentioned that he had to pay for shipping (i.e., he's not charging extra for gas); however, Future Shop offers free ground shipping on orders over 20 CAD. It's a bit of a stretch that one would pay for premium shipping after taking advantage of this deal, but I guess patience isn't universal.
    Now, all the seller has to do is clarify (and prove) where he'd purchased his FXT90s.
  11. basketball
    Quote me that post because I don't recall.

    And I don't need to take time. To take pictures for some chump like you.
  12. eke2k6
    Right. Reporting this classified.
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