JVC FX850 vs. ER4P/S - your input from experience is appreciated.
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Headphoneus Supremus
Mar 5, 2015
I'm itching for micro details but something laid back (yes, I read that both aren't laid back but I can't have everything can't I?)
ER4 series seem detail freaks but at what cost? less forgiving? they "lack" bass? more detailed than musical? sibilant unless deeply inserted?
Woodies seem to have more bass? micro-details =/= timbre? I'm inclined more for ACCURACY OF INSTRUMENTS. Sax sound like sax, the smoothness and the breath is "tangible" and that sweet brass quality in sound reproduction is something I miss!
My dn2000 isn't as good as my Miles Davis Trumpets (whoah, he just say that!??!) when representing a stratocaster guitar plugged into a tube amp for that glassy guitar tone (musicians might understand me here)... anyhow let me know. Trumpets too (now defunct) pretty much forgave bad recording/ source files while still reproducing accurate details! No freakin joke!

I'm looking into the Re-600 Songbird...but I'm so tired of the heartbreak of bad build...how much is a decent recable???

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