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Just wanted to share this.........

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by asarkar, Mar 12, 2011.
  1. asarkar
    I bought Grado Sr60i's a month back and I thought they were absolutely amazing.  They sounded even better after the burn in period. But soon i realised that it wasnt the right headphone for me. Listening to mostly electronic music, the Grado's didnt provide the bass I wanted. I even amped the them, they sounded even better but still didnt provide enough bass.
    Some other problems I had-
    -They wouldnt go loud enough
    -sound leakage(of course i knew this when purchasing it but I didnt think it would cause a huge problem, but on a commute everyday I would hear outside sounds and it started to get on my nerves)
    -Portability was also a slight issue
    So yesterday I went back to the shop I purchased them from(Bay Bloor Radio-Toronto),which is highly overpriced but has a lot of quality products. I looked for a closed full size headphone replacement but couldnt fine any under $200 that I liked.
    I had to then look at in ear monitors. I auditioned the Shure 115($90)/315($200), sennheiser IE6($200) and Klipsch s4($110). I was highly impressed with the senn's and the Klipsch's. The shure was quite uncomfortable.
    After thinking hard, and weighing the pros and cons, I returned my Grado's and bought the Klipsch s4. I do miss my Grado's but overall I am happy with my exchange.

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