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Just saw Steely Dan live at the Greek Theatre in L.A.

  1. IPodPJ
    What a freakin' awesome performance.  Was anyone else there?
    Fagen and Becker were very relaxed and really into the groove.  The band they had with them was excellent, too.  I've always wanted to see them live and glad I finally got the chance to.
    When I ordered the tickets online during the presale I made sure to be at Ticketmaster.com the second they were available.  Within 5 minutes all the good seats were gone so I'm glad I bought them when I did.
    We had 7th row seats (behind the pit) on the right hand side and it was extremely loud.  Good thing I brought earplugs (Etymotic ER20) which work great but there was no real clarity listening with them and sitting that close to the speaker stack just punches you in the chest.
    Their setlist was fan voted favorites, including Aja, Peg, Boddhisatva, Dirty Work, Do It Again, Reelin' In The Years, FM, Josie, Kid Charlemagne, and many more.
    Very fun evening.
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  2. labrat
  3. beerguy0
    I saw them in Buffalo, NY back in '93, when they did their first tour as headliners. Great show, and a band I never expected to see live.
  4. IPodPJ


    Yeah, for the longest time they refused to tour but I'm glad they finally did.  It's amazing to watch them perform live and I certainly hope to see them again.  The acoustics of rock concerts are awful though for the most part and can't compare to a good hi-fi home headphone or speaker system.  An acoustic performance or a classical/orchestral concert is a different experience entirely if the venue has good acoustics.  It's a rarity to hear such a performance in an intimate setting though, because it sounds wonderful.

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