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Just received my noble 8cs/ an evolutionary and participatory review

  1. John0405
    Hello everyone
    I've just received my noble 8c this morning. I'm not gonna dwell on the look of these things, as we all know what kind of beautiful artwork the wizard and his team can pull off.

    Anyway... I thought it would be more interesting to come up with a kind of " interactive" review. As I'm getting used to my ciem and go through the break-in process, I'll post new impressions and remarks, and, if anyone of you have some specific questions, I'll answer them gladly.

    I've already posted these pictures in another thread, but in case you haven't seen them...



  2. z3r0day
    Congrats! No specific questions, just waiting for your first impressions :) 
  3. Mimouille
    If you had to complain about something on this earphone, what would it be? If you are indeed French like I am, you love to complain :)

    More specifically, friends who owned the 8a found the bass too boomy and somehow bloated? Is the bass on the 8c more controled, tighter?

    How does it compare to Miracles ?
  4. Deviltooth
    How prominent is the midrange, do vocals sound sweet or dry? 
  5. John0405
    Hi everyone
    I'm working today so I won't have time to respond in details to all of your questions, but I'll take some time tonight.

    All I can say right now, is that coming from the miracles, the 8c are an entirely different beast. Even physically speaking. Theses things are huge. They protrude quite a lot from my tiny ears, but fit snugly and the isolation is quite good.

    What I can gather from my brief listening cessions:
    The bass is definitely the star of the show. The only analogy that comes to my mind right now, is this: the bass is the lead singer, and it is helped by excellent back up singers ( that being the mids, and the highs).
    As for the bass being bloated, no. It is definitely not. The bass is quite strong, very impactful, but still very well defined.
    I'll post some more impressions and details ASAP.

    Ps: don't worry mimouille. I'm sure I'm gonna be able to find something to complain about. :wink:)
  6. John0405

    To answer your question, the midrange seems to me — at least for now — not overly proeminant or recessed.
    It is quite dependent of the mix, and how it is presented in the tracks.
    The vocals are smooth. I had my first eargasm a few hours ago, listening to Annie Lennox's voice singing a whiter shade of pale. Very beautiful.

    As for the micro details, I still can hear them but not the same way I heard them on my miracles. To assess details retrieval, I always use the same track: Brian Eno's Thursday Afternoon. It is a long track of 60 minutes, filled with micro details. I've been listening to this record for ten years, and still detect some stuff I've never heard.
    Well, the 8c are as detailed as the miracles (at least I think they are), but present these latter more smoothly — probably in a similar way the heir 8a does.
  7. John0405
    Oh by the way, all the impressions and opinions I gave, was by listening to the 8c with the setup:
    Source: iPod touch. All files are lossless=> clas solo r ==> rsa sr71b through the balanced output

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