Just pulled the trigger on the Nikon D5000!
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Thanks thats good to know. So you are saying that manuel focus should be easy and not an issue. In that case I will consider the Tokina as a candidate for my ultra wide but on the other hand the extra range of the Nikon 10-24 mm looks appealing too.
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I have the Tokina 11-16 myself, but I wouldn't want to use it as a manual focus lens. Even though it would be possible, it wouldn't be comfortable. I think you'd do better with the Sigma 10-20. It's a great lens too.
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As much as I want to find a buyer for my tokina 11-16mm (yes, thinking of selling it), DO NOT get the lens if your body doesn't have a motor. There is no reason to torture yourself with manual focusing on every shot. Just get the Nikon and call it a day.
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Just wanted to point out, I was talking about "M" mode on the camera, where one manually sets the shutter speed and aperture, not manual focus.
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The two lenses I use the most are the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 and the inexpensive (like $120) 70-300mm.

The 50mm produces wonderfully natural photos and is terrific for landscapes and just walking around. I think I paid about $100 for it and it's worth every cent.

The 70-300mm makes stunning portraits with gorgeous bokeh. It's pretty good at telephoto, as well.
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I was thinking about the 50 mm too and will consider that one as well.

Thanks everyone for the advise. It looks like I will get the Nikon 10-24 lens for the ultra wide.
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I have the Sigma 30 and the Sigma 50. 50mm is a great focal length for portraits, but with a dx camera like yours, it's too long for general use and too short as a telephoto. I use my 30 MUCH more. I'd suggest getting the Nikon 35 and wait on the 50 until you know you are going to have a need for it.
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Originally Posted by Spareribs /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Good stuff Here. The 35 is actually my first priority for the lense to get next month.

The Nikon 35 is a beauty for the money asked
! Grab it and don't look back.
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50mm (equivalent) primes are my fav. A very useful focal length, primes also give you rather nice aperture options to use when shooting. The D5000 is very nice indeed, but coming from a FE2 (and other 70/ early 80's SLRs), the fact that options like ISO and WB were buried in the menus just drove me crazy.

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