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Just picked up AKG q701's and 363D Sennies. What do I need now soundcard/dac/headphone amp? Money mostly not an object.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by exodus121, Apr 3, 2014.
  1. Exodus121
    Hi guys, so I've pretty much bought the two headphones that complete my current audio phase of life.
    Now as the title of the thread indicates I have the following.
    i. AKG q701's - Super sale for $250(CAD)
    ii. Sennheisers 363D 7.1's for gaming. - Super sale $199(CAD)
    Now, I've snooped through the forums and the thread I found with my position is kind of the same however he said he was on a budget.
    So my question is this.  I have a moderate budget.
    I am willing to spend some $$$.
    So far from what I gather I should get a Titanium HD.
    I have no idea what a DAC is.  Do I need that?  
    What about headphone amps?
    I am an entry level guy looking to get dirty.
    Also, when I mean $$$ I mean...well I am willing to spend within the $800 region.
    Thanks guys I have really enjoyed reading the forums the wealth of information has been informing and steered me true every time.
  2. DisC

    First up, congratulations on some great headphones. The first thing you will want to spend some money on is a good amp that will pair well with the headphones that you own. I have no experience with either of those headphones but do own the k702 which from what I hear is similar to the q701. The k702 can be finicky with amp pairings and likes a bit of power. Of the audio gear I have in my possession the schiit lyr is my best pairing though they still sound great from the ibasso pb2 and the fiio e17. It's important to find a great amp/headphone pairing so I'll let those with personal experience chime in with recommendations.

    Any device that turns bits into music has a DAC in it. Your smart phone, computer, MP3 player, CD player, all of these have a discrete chip to handle the transformation. In my opinion the DAC is the third target for great sound behind your headphones and amp. A good DAC will give your amp a good clean signal that reaches down low in the bass and high through the treble without compromising clarity and transparency. However most of what you are going to hear is going to be attributed to the amp. Just make sure that you are sending a line out to the amp and not double amping your signal by plugging the amp into a headphone out.

    After saying all that the most important thing to remember in headphoning is to listen to what your ears are telling you is right, only then will you succeed in keeping them happy ; ) And if you're anything like most of the people here; happy ears means happy person. Enjoy!

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