just ordered stefan art e-series for Senn 580's
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Dec 15, 2004
I just ordered Stefan Audio E-Series cables for my Sennheiser 580's. I recently sold gs1000's (too bass-heavy), 701's (too small for my bean), SA5000's, (uncomfy), and 225's (good for portable but I'm sedentary). Too many 'phones in my drawer, and at the end of the day I like the spaciousness and comfort of the Senn's. They do sound a bit veiled though with the stock cables.

I think I'll eventually get 600's or 650's. I'm looking for advice between them. I listen at home only through a very good digital source and tube headphone amp. I've been told the 650's are better if you subject them to a computer audio output, but the 600's are better if you pamper them with a good front-end and amp.

Does anyone have any thoughts, or can they point me to relevant threads.

Thanks much!

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