Just ordered HD-600's, headphone noob

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  1. Dulalala
    If you mean does FiiO make portable DAC/Amp, they do. Q1 and Q1 mkII.

    Yeah but most DAC/Amp will work with your mobile phone anyways provided you have a modern Android OS or iOS. There are also plenty of portable DAC/Amps out there too, like the Dragonfly Black/Red.

    Not much provided you don't run into any issues.
  2. peterswe86
    It's weird how these are dac/amp but they cost less than the A5, which is just a amp. I think based off all of the info you have given me I will stick with the A5 and see how it goes. It should arrive Saturday. I remember seeing in one of the Amazon reviews a person mentioned that they liked the A5 for HD600's much better than Dragonfly Red. I'm not a true audiophile (yet) so maybe the A5 is very much good for me until I acquire more sensitivity to the quality of my music. Buying the HD600's was on a whim but I'm committed to starting to learn and appreciate this stuff.
  3. Monsterzero
    Alan Parsons once said

    "Audiophiles don't use their equipment to listen to your music. Audiophiles use your music to listen to their equipment."

    Using that definition as a guideline I strive to never become that guy.

    dont overthink this hobby...relax and enjoy your music
  4. peterswe86
    Trying to relax but I was browsing more and looked at the Dragonfly Red. How does it compare to the FiiO A5 for driving the HD600's? It seems like it would be a lot more convenient because of it's size, but it also costs $70 more.
  5. peterswe86
    I went ahead and got the DragonFly Red instead of the FiiO A5. It seems like it will fit my needs well, I just wish it didn't set me back $200. I love how its small and simple and will require no thought to use it on any of my devices. I'll post an update once it gets here and I finally try the headphones.
  6. Dulalala
    You'll need an OTG cable to use it with your phone by the way.
  7. peterswe86
    I got the Dragonfly Red in the mail today and everything sounds great on my phone. I haven't set it up for my PC or laptop yet.

    I think now I'm going to be limited by the quality of the music I'm playing. I've been using iTunes with Apple Music and I believe the songs are 256kps and 44100 Hz, and the Dragonfly shows this with a green color.

    I know very little about getting high quality music. Is there anything remotely close to iTunes but with lossless songs? What is the most popular file type for higher quality music? When I'm using a CD player on my laptop, is that automatically higher quality than what I am listening to on iTunes?

    If anyone could give me tips on migrating from iTunes to something better it would be much appreciated.

    Edit: I checked out Tidal HiFi and they have a 30 day trial. I can tell a difference from iTunes, but the volume is a little lower. I'm not sure why this would be. Also, even though it's hifi I still get a green light on the Dragonfly, showing that its 44100 Hz. Is this normal for hifi streaming music?
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  8. peterswe86
    I've answered most of my questions by doing some research. I found that 44kHz is normal for streaming HiFi music, but I can bump that up to 96kHz if I use "Master" quality on my desktop app (it will not allow this on my phone).

    I've also found sites where I can pay to download high quality CDs. Now I just need to expand my library!

    But I still have one question - Why might all the music on Tidal be lower volume than music on iTunes? For some of the music on Tidal, it does not get super loud even if I crank the volume all the way up (although it is at a comfortable loudness at about 75%). With iTunes this is not a problem. It may have been just the music I selected. I remember I played a remastered CD on Tidal and it was significantly less loud than the original version on iTunes, but this might just be because it was remastered. Any ideas?
  9. ocharlas
    I have had two pairs of HD600's, one for about ten years, one brand new. When I got the new ones I realized how much the clamping force had lessened over time. The new ones fit very snug and tight, while the old ones, even in their smallest setting, would move and almost fall if I moved my head. Granted I love these headphones and use them a ton, but they will definitely loosen up over time.
  10. Dulalala
    Could be replaygain.
  11. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    iTunes controls for dynamic range compression but chances are the music is still at a higher digital gain level than the standards of Tidal etc. Try some audiophile recordings. Barring a few odd CDs and downloads most of them are set very low; even classical music follows this. Not only does this have less compression but there's the offset that there is an assumption that whoever wants better material likely has better equipment, ie, a low noise, low distortion amp properly matched to the power requirements of the speakers/headphones being used.

    Also check if Replay Gain is being applied. If there's a setting for that it equalizes all music; just that instead of boosting classical music and other recordings, the others will be reduced to the same average gain level.
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