just ordered a set of MEElectronics - A151P IEM's , hopefully much better than gummies +
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May 29, 2009
i got my sennheiser 429s from amazon , but they don't want to work at all with my android phone (sharp aquos crystal) unless i disconnect the mic section and just use the little 8ish inch shorty cord . but they do fine on my computer and adequate for home theater till i can replace my dead sennheiser 555's with 598's . tried the cheap gummy plus buds and they were horrible ! i was gonna get the Brainwavz Delta , then i wanted the xiaomi piston 3 for a little more $ cause i like the comments about it's open sound stage (i'm a sennheiser fan) and cleanness . then literally 3-4 hours ago i found what looks to be a great deal on the 151P's for $39.65 at amazon . i'm hopping best buy has the new 2nd generation . the reason i went with BB is because i can easily return them to the store if i don't like them . it was like $41.75 delivered in about a week .
the review by  Hisoundfi here really piqued my interest ....................... thanks :)
and a few hours scouring the WWW about the 151P and "Balanced Armature Earbud" had me hooked . i'm not a base head , listen most to classic rock , some old hard rock , never really got into metal and i like smooth jazz . not into rap but like some old pop ..... 
i hate to sound so co-dependant , lol , but do y'all think i made a decent choice ?


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