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Just got Westone 2's. Portable amp?

  1. cmzwirner
    Hey guys! First off, i want to thank you all. This forum has so much information. All of the guides and helpful members here really make it easier for a noob like me to pick the right IEM for our listening needs.
    Now. I just purchased the Westone 2's. From what i have read, they are a great headphones um-amped. But what about when under the power on an amp? Say.. The PA2v2? Would the sound quality to an un-trained ear be improved much? 
    If the amp isnt necessary, are there any other things i can do to improve sound? Could i possibly use bottom port of my iphone 4 for the headphone jack? I have seen quite a few people do that.
  2. HeatFan12 Contributor
    Welcome cmz and congratz on your purchase.  An LOD (Line Out Dock) can be used to bypass the iPhone4's amp and connect to a portable amp.  But why would you want to?  Iems are especially designed to bypass a portable amp and therefore plug in straight into a dap (digital audio player).  Why would you pay these crazy prices if you still needed an amp?...For that just get full-sized headphones....Cheers
  3. ZimmerX
    I had the Westone 2's for over 1.5 years and never thought of buying an amp for them. They sound fantastic out of the box and I personally wouldn't spend extra on an amp. However, as I've never tried them with an amp I don't know how much better they sound!
  4. cmzwirner
    Ive always read that the RE262's sound better with an amp, so i was just wondering if this would be the same for the W2's. But if they are fantastic just connected to the headphone jack on the iphone, then that is fine with me! Less money to spend!

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