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Just got my first CIEM - JH16PRO ...quick question about fit for the experienced folks

  1. chicagojammer
    My fit is pretty good where I don't have any discomfort and the sound quality is great...however I notice that I get a distracting pop sound in both ears, more on my right ear whenever I move around or look up.  I noticed more ambient sound comes in when this happens so I figure the seal is breaking.  The sound quality does not really get worse but the pop sound/suction sound is a bit distracting.  
    I am thinking of sending them in for a refit, but am not sure if I am better off requesting longer canal tips or a wider aperture or both.   Does looking up (mouth closed)  typically cause this to happen for any other CIEM owners out there?  Just trying to get an idea of what a good fit would be like.   Going down stairs in this thing definitely caused the popping sound to happen a ton.
    Thanks for your time everyone.
  2. chicagojammer

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