Just got contacts. Blurry vision.
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Jun 14, 2011
I've been wearing glasses for a few years, mostly just while working. Mild rx makes my vision perfectly clear. Today I got contacts, I admit, mostly because glasses suck with headphones. Doc said the contacts rx should feel the same as with my glasses but it's definitely not. My near and far vision is now a bit blurry. My impulse is to take them out and just forget about them. Anyone else experience this? 
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Never tried lenses haven´t had big enough problems with headphones for that. I just tip the scalms over the headphones I don´t have the scalms inside. I admit it´s a slight annoyance when watching 3D and have two glasses tipped up. I guess I am thankful to have a big nose to support them :D
I wonder in general though it feels like you should get a bit better vision with glasses then lenses because lenses is soft plastic can´t be made of glass what is the verdict on those that tried both?
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I wear contacts and glasses regularly to see further. You definitely shouldn't have blurred vision while wearing contacts, are you sure the prescription for your contacts is correct? You might have to do a contacts fitting to find out if there's a particular type/brand that works and to ensure your prescription is right. 
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I can´t understand so many choose to operate. It goes wrong quite often have somebody I know with mild issues getting all kind of issues due to the operation. I would just gamble on it if I was really old near blind and not really young with relatively good eye sight.

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