Just bought the Shure SE530 and LOVE them, but...
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May 7, 2004
Today I took the plunge and bought the SE530, owning already the SE420. I absolutely love the sound of the SE530 and hadn't expected so much better sound compared to the SE420 (hope I can sell those soon for a good price).
But I have one minor quibble, that also occurred with the SE420 (and not with my earlier E4's). It is the rubber slider that keeps both wires together. I noticed that it easily slides down. As a result the wires have a tendency to come off the ear, particularly now they are new and rather stiff.
Anyone else had this experience ?
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Ton: love my SE530's too!

I've noticed the same thing with the "rubber grommet thingy" sliding down the Y portion of my cable, but it's proved to be irrelevant, since I wear the SE530's as recommended, in the cable-over-the-ear configuration. Is that the way you wear yours?

In that configuration, I never make any attempt to "cinch up" the rubber grommet. It has no effect on earpieces coming loose for me.

Are you also doing the "pull-your-earlobe-back-while-twisting-the-pre-compressed-olive-tips-inward" insertion procedure?

Took me awhile to figure insertion out, way back when I started with Ety ER-4S's.

That's the key. I'd be surprised if the issue you've been experiencing continues.

Good luck. And enjoy those 530's.
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Thanks for your reply SierraHotel01.
Yes, I wear them over the ear and am already used to that having owned Ety's and the Shure E4 and SE420.
But what I meant is that when the rubber grummet is not rather tight under my chin, the cables over my ear have a tendency to lift and come off the ear.But maybe that will change after using them some more time, so that the cables' shape adapt to the shape of my ears. And I must add that I used them today outside the house and that temps were rather low.

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