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Just bought the Philips fidelio x2

  1. Sebastiaan156
    Dear readers,

    Just bought the Philips fidelio x2, bought the senheiser hd 599 a week ago to replace my Philips fidelio x1 and just did not like em enough.

    Any headphone advise i need next? Thinking of the dt880 250 ohm. Ia this good or just not for me?

    I like the the x1 for the music feeling, they just Miss some high unfortinately which the hd 599 show.

    But most of All in looking for a danp ac to use them on the phone.
  2. buke9
    Just a few questions for you. First what kind of budget do you have? What was it about the 599’s that you did not like ? Finally your last sentence was a bit off (understand English is not your first language ) “looking for a danp ac to use them on the phone” I’m guessing you meant a dac/amp to use with your phone ?
  3. Sebastiaan156
    Thnx for understanding, the thing i disliked regarding the hd599, my ears tuch the casing of the cans, second they are More harsh/Make me want to turn the volume down.

    And yes im looking for a dac/amp for use with the phone, budget 150 but if it is worth to spend 300 i Will.
  4. Sebastiaan156
    P.s. i.like the high of the 599, but in the bass and treble they feel slow (blur a bit).
    Which makes me put the volume down.

    In fast passed songs i like the x1 better, in songs with mainly (high) vocals i like the hd599.

    To be fair i like em both, but because the x1 fits my Head better i Love em more. Thats why i orderd the x2. My x1 got reallly used earpads, they are worn out.
  5. Mhog55
    Have you considered the 58X?
  6. Sebastiaan156
    No, i dont know what it is, is it a hd via massdrop?
  7. Mhog55
    Yes. Not sure if it's available in your area. There are a few listed in the classifieds. Best headphones 150 dollars can buy.
  8. Sebastiaan156
    Mass drop is available, but i live in the netherlands in europe, taxes are a b*tch here. 150 dollar is like 120 euro and with taxes and import i pay like 180 euro so like 220 dollar.

    Otherwise i would Have orderd the hd6xx.

    P.s. prices are not calculated with exchange Just a rough estamate
  9. buke9
    $150 usd is 134€ right now.
  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If you need more treble than the X2 the HD600/HD58X might be a better bet. You just have to weigh the trade offs - HD58X is 150ohms with barely a hit in sensitivity, but you pay tariffs, vs the HD600 that you can buy within the EU but how much it sells for and the 300ohm impedance could mean the difference.

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