Just bought a Tascam FireOne audio interface(bit of a pickle here)
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Mar 18, 2008
I'm a noob at this stuff but I bought a tascam FireOne because I wanted a firewire interface for my studio setup. Now it only has the 6 pin firewire connection and my laptop is a 4 pin, but the manual says I can still just use the power adapter. But this part confuses me since there will be no firewire connectivity how am i actually supposed to record through the software I'm running? Does that make sense? Help me out, please. Btw I have a 4-6 pin on the way but I just read that it won't convert.
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Hello and welcome to head-fi. The only difference between 4pin and 6pin firewire is that 6pin carries power in the other 2 pins. I can see where your confusion is. To use a the device with a 4 pin laptop, you need to use the 6pin to 4pin adapter and the power adapter. If you were using a desktop PC with 6 pin firewire, all you'll need is that one cable since it carries power. Makes sense?

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