Just bought a pair of V.A.L. M20 MKII's in Australia
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Jan 2, 2006
hi all, last couple of months i have been on the search for a pc speaker. I found that most common brands like logitech creative and altec lansing didnt really cut it for me. I was looking for something that was along the lines of a hifi speaker but built for pc use. during my search i discovered tube amplifiers and found the amps i listened to had a pleasing sound. I have been in contact with coemaudio australia and conversed with the owner john who seemed very nice and unbiased in his opinions. When John told me stock arrived i organised for 2 other friends hugz and pingu from OCAU to come around to check the M20's and his other equipment. He had many chinese brands like classic, mingda, original on display and looked very impressive. But for me it was out of my $500 budget i set for myself.

im not much of a reviewer but I was impressed with performance of the m20's, they had good soundstage, solid bass but not overdroning and nice quick response. picked up a pair for $250, half my set budget! IMO much better than anything along the lines of any pc speakers i've listened to.

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