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Apr 14, 2004
Been reading on here for a couple days and Im wondering about two phones in particular.

1. The Sony V6. Im curious about this because I already own the v600(yeah I know, they are mainly the reason I found this site..not satified with them at all). Are the the v6s a big improvement over the v600s, by this I mean a big enough step that my 'noob' ears could tell the difference, and are they as comfortable as the v600s(the one thing I do enjoy about these phones)?

2. The Grado SR-60s. My main concern with these phones is isolatation. Not particularly the sound leakage(just curious how loud are they?) but having other sounds interfering with listening, i.e: Wind, traffic, etc. Since Ive never owned a open headphones before I have no idea what to expect here.

From reading around these seem to both be viable choices for around the price range Im looking to spend. Im not dead set on either of these, so feel free to recommend something else if you like.
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Mar 27, 2003
Welcome to Head-Fi.

The V6s, with the Beyer pad modification are comfortable. They are very analytical.

The SR60s, though are superior in my opinion at about every genre/type of music I've ran through both. Only fault are their highs, which while occassionally bad, are worse on the V6s.

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