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Junk on sales sites

  1. music_man
    The usual sales websites are flooded with junk. Most of you know this. I am just saying if you are in fact broke. Please do yourself a favor and do not buy a $25 tube headphone amplifier. Keep that money in your pocket! Trust me on this. Worst case scenario save up and get something nice. Not only that, these things can often pose dangers. You do not have to spend a lot of money either but get something nice. Schiit for instance makes very nice things UL listed for a couple hundred bucks. That may seem far away if you only have $25. However let me give you some advice. If you only have $25 do not spend it on anything! you may need that $25 for something like say food. If you do have money and think you can be cheap think again. No doubt you will be returning it. Even in China it is simply impossible to make a good and safe tube headamp for $25. Even $40. I do not even know how companies like Schiit offer these prices but it is proven good. No, it is not a $4,000+ amp but it is a lot better start than $25. They will continue to offer this stuff but I am trying to give people common sense. Of course this post is aimed at new members here. Supremus members do not need to insult me for writing this. it is not aimed at you. Some young kid may just not know better. That is exactly why I am pointing this out. If it has not been already. I feel this is an important warning to those that may not know better. I am just trying to help anyone. It upsets me they offer this but I cannot stop them. Just refrain from purchasing this stuff.
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  2. nordkapp
    Excellent recommendation.
  3. wink
    You don't see these for sale often.................
  4. Pewterlocks
    Bought a $25 amp, it was a cricket in a match box........
  5. Spareribs
  6. crazychile
    Agree. Just say no to Chinese junk!

    Not all Chinese stuff is junk, but most of it is. There is even expensive junk. I found out the hard way especially with tools and kids toys. One day it occurred to me that I was paying hard earned money just so that something would go into the landfill. You could just save yourself the time and disappointment by dropping $20 bills directly into the trash every week.

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