Jumping from urbeats 2 to SE846?
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Jul 26, 2015
Hello there,
nice to be here! I've been lurking the forums for quite a time now and since you guys seem to be very supportive with every enthusiastic newbie and his/her questions, I do hope that you can help me too, maybe. :)
Some time ago, I did own a pair of SE535s from Shure. Don't get me wrong - their sound quality was amazing and so was the fit. Didn't have any doubt why people would love them. But unfortunately, I never really enjoyed listening to them since to my ears, they made my music (Hard-Rock, Metal and a lot of Metalcore) sound lifeless and boring. I guess they just weren't the right earphones for me since I'm a basshead who doesn't care too much about neutral reproduction. But as I said, I loved their comfort (could've worn them 24/7 without any problems) and the incredible amount of detail they presented. 
Still, I decided that we'd better stay friends and sold them, since they just weren't what I was looking for. I then tried a couple of other earphones in different price-ranges from Sony, Sennheiser, Apple, etc. and ultimately settled with a pair of urbeats 2.0 some months ago. I don't know why, but they absolutely caught me with their thumping bass and warm sound, even though they lack everything else and probably are way overpriced for what they deliver. They also sit very comfortable when paired with some Comply Foams.
B while I do love their sound signature and the huge soundstage, I long for more. More clarity, even more soundstage, better frequency range - more everything. That's where the SE846 from Shure came into my eyesight. They seem to be offering all that I loved with my SE535 while also being suitable for a basshead like me.
I know that I could easily get a pair of IE80 or something like that for a lot less bucks and still get a huge upgrade, but I also know that I'm going to be looking at those top-tier 846s and wonder how much better they'd sound again, so I'm really thinking about directly going for the top of the line and therefore ultimately ending all desires for another upgrade. :)
Sooo... what do you guys think? Price tag aside (which is hard to swallow, but o.k. if they're going to be something like the holy-grail for me), do you think that I will enjoy them Shures? Source is an un-amped iPhone 5, at least for the moment. I know that some of you may consider it being pearls before swine in combination with such a source and as an upgrade from something like Beats, but I absolutely love music and spend a lot of hours per day and night listening to it, so it's kind of my most important and primary hobby. :) 
Thank you very much for all your time, answers and your help! Have a nice day!

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