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I am using an RME ADI2 pro on Ubuntu. Everything is working fine, except that I can only upscale PCM to DSD64 and not higher.
If I try to set it highter then the music is playing not smoothly. My cpu is powerful enough because in Windows 10 there is no problem
It's one of these (silly) HiFi Myths ... Upsampling audio doesn't make the quality better. The quality is like it is.

In one of the postings here this has been clarified / confirmed also by RME (Matthias Carstens).

It's only marketing to sell you hard- or software on top that you do not require.

It only makes the files longer and creates a bit more system load because more data need to be processed
and send across USB by double / quad sample rates (88.2 - 192 kHz).

Upsampling makes only sense in situations where devices do not support a certain sample rate
which you use in your current project / setup, so this is more related to studio work.

SRC is one of the features, which is typically only required in studios, that had to be "sacrificed"
to be able to offer the ADI-2 DAC for under €1000.
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Like very much the new MC27. It has now support for VST3 plugins!


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