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JRiver Media Center 19 is better!

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by gurus, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. Sound Eq
    i was wondering which is the best encoder in jriver software the ape, flac, aac, and others
    i listen mainly to flac 
  2. jarrett
    AAC is a lossy codec, and FLAC is preferred over APE because it is in active development and is faster encoding and decoding
  3. Sound Eq

    so when i choose flac decoder and then i want to play an ape music file shall i then change it to ape decoder or is it ok to keep it flac
  4. cronsell
    Is it strange that I hear a difference between FLAC and WAV files in JRIVER?  I prefer WAV every time.
  5. prot
    yes. very. and it should not happen.
    If you really want to investigate I would try testing with foobar, wasapi output and the abx plugin. If you can still hear clear diffs something is off in your setup. Maybe you have too many bckground tasks...or an old pc...or a million other possible issues.
  6. Roseval
    Your best bet is enabling memory playback. All the processing (reading, decoding) is done before playback starts.
    Effectively eliminates these differences.
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  7. cronsell

    Thanks for the advice...I'll look into it!
  8. groovyd
    Yeah I paid for the 20 this year and got for it video that I never use and a few bugs 19 never had.  Wish they would at least tell us what we will get in the next version at the time of purchase.
  9. Roseval

    You can't choose a decoder.
    If you play FLAC you need the FLAC decoder
    If you play APE you need the APE decoder.
    You can convert APE to FLAC: Library Tools > Convert format
  10. yang2910
    Well. I see so much positive reviews on this Jriver here. Decided to trial it. I am currently using a MBP Retina 13'. However, there is one problem I noticed while i scrolling through my library. I view my Library in Pane view. While scrolling through it, I felt a tad lag of smoothness like how I scroll up and down in iTunes. Its kinda annoy me. Is this problem only happens on me or its Jriver? Even I untick the Retina mode, still can't attain the smoothness of scrolling :frowning2:
  11. groovyd
    yeah, everyone says the same... to be honest Apple apps always scroll a lot smoother then any third party apps.  JRiver uses its own cross platform UI engine so it will never be optimized for Mac in the same way say iTunes is.
  12. yang2910
    It would be definitely a sure buy for me if this problem can be solved. Scrolling through my large library would be a problem with it. Is there any other Media Player for Mac which can manage library of flac bautifully like Jriver does? Most of my files are not in ALAC thats why using audivarnna or iTunes would need me to convert my whole library to ALAC. :frowning2:
  13. Sound Eq
    Hi everyone, I was wondering what a great great vst plugin that offers a great parametric eq, i tried to install easy q but i get an error message, which i downloaded as dll file
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