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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. Clemmaster
    Yes, there was on older revisions of MC18.
    Running the 18.0.103 at work now and it does features Event Style.
    The bit depth selection was moved from "DSP Studio -> Output format" to the "Playback Options -> Output Mode" in the most recent version, as well.
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    THANK you, needless to say I'll stick with FooBar. Granted jRiver is an excellent program. But I like my FooBar set up 
    It has everything I want to see, Frequancy, left right channel, my play lists, my Folder Drop Box, the serach bar for said folders, as well as the Album view and the Current Selection views,
    I could not get J River to display all of this at once :/ actually I wouldn't mind dtiching the Album to get a little EQ box there tbh 
    and in about two seconds, I removed the Spectograph as I don't need that, and replaced it with a little EQ box. YAY fooBAR your so GREAT. Granted it's not the most beauitiful thing ever but MAN it's got utility! 
    That said though, jRiver is a great video player <3 would use it more if it could do what FooBar does for me [and ofc you can make FooBar pretty, but I do agree making it look nice is cumbersome xD] 
  3. Sherwood Contributor
    Of course there is!  The current build defaults to WASAPI event style, you can disable event style via a radio button.
  4. ferday

    6 or 7 audio programs were measured including foobar and Jriver(here's one link there are others with more software) and guess what...all of the software claiming bit perfect, played bit perfect

    There was NO audible difference in ANY parameters. All bit perfect software sounds the same. Bit perfect is just that, no coloration from the software.
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  5. Mshenay Contributor
    Well thank you, again there may have be some EQ's still set in jRiver from the first time I used it with music, and in fact in checking there was an eq active during that quick test
    but bottom linemjRIVER is not better quality than FooBar <3. it's just prettier! 
  6. preproman
    For some of us J. River "Does" do things better than foobar.  SQ aside, because I can't tell the difference in either.  The Library function blows foobar out the water.  Theater View is another thing that just leaves Foobar in the dust.  
    So yes there's other things we can debate here.  SQ is not one of them.
  7. Clemmaster
    This is non-sense.
    Bit-perfectness does not guaranty repeatable results because it does not take timing into account.
    Timing is everything and is part of the reason why WASAPI and Kernel Streaming sound different on decent USB DACs.
  8. ferday

    Here's another link with a lot more info


    You can feel whatever you like, I'm not going to call your opinions nonsense. But I am going to call them opinions. My ears and the measurements match-bit perfect is simply that.
  9. Mshenay Contributor
    +1 the timing on both is great. Get over it <3
    Absolutely, SQ aside jRiver and FooBar offer different methods for organizing, and that's just a matter of preference.
    For any one who enjoys the UI of jRiver for their Audio, more power to you. It's a great piece of software! That being said, I do enjoy jRiver for Videos :D it's super duper!  
  10. AladdinSane
    I was close to loving JRiver and still may but I couldn't get it to import my MOV and MTS files although all settings appear to be correct. It only recognized some old AVI files. I also like the simplicity and utilitarian nature of Foobar. Likely Foobar use less resources as well with all the stuff going on in JRiver. I do like the Theater view in JRiver for audio files. That is most cool. I could be nudged if I could get it to see my video files! Likely I'll just use it for audio and Theater view when I'm in the mood. Running WASAPI on both pieces of software.
    UPDATE: Found out my problem and it was me. Expecting these in "Home Video" where the AVIs imported to but they are there in the Files view. Only feeling mildly dumb.
  11. jriver
    JRiver Media Center 19.0 is now available in early beta at the top of this board:
    Also new are a Mac version and an in progress port to Linux.

    Features new in MC19 include:
    User accounts
    Theater View fade-out (plasma burn-in)
    JRiver audio engine as an ASIO driver
    Copy a zone's settings to a new zone
    Simplified audio device selection
    RAW image support using LibRaw
    Real-time DSD output
    Improved audio analysis and volume leveling (R128)
    Adaptive volume
    Analyze audio for videos
    Improved memory playback
    TV channel stacking
  12. JackDiesel
    I currently use Media Monkey as my music player. I have a lot of 24/192 files and when I sync them to my Sony F807 I want to lower the sample rate to 96 to reduce the file size some. Media Monkey lets me do this but I need the Gold version which is $50. I'd rather spend that money on JRiver because I know I'll use it on my HTPC anyways. But does JRiver let me lower the sample rate when I sync songs to my DAP?
  13. mnarwold

    It can change the sample rates, file type, add eq or any other dsp. It's pretty nifty.
  14. ssag
    are there any improvements in ipod-support (meaning: is there any support for newer ipods?) in version 19? 
  15. anoxy
    Honest question: are there any programs other than iTunes that allow you to manage your iDevice?
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