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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. Tony1110
    Okay cheers. I'll scroll through the 5000 options tabs and check that :xf_eek:
  2. Clemmaster
    Hum... it seems this option does not exists for ASIO (in Jriver) [​IMG]
    In the general options of the device (windows sound control panel), it should be checked, can you confirm?
  3. Tony1110
    Got it. Thank you :D
  4. Schonen

    Yea, can't go wrong with FREE! 
  5. nickt1
    I too was Foobar user for many years and it's a great program. When I switched to JR 17 I noticed a substantial improvement in sound quality and a lot more features and seamless operation.The upgrade to JR 18 also offered a noticeable improvement for what I consider a very reasonable cost and I am sure JR 19 will offer similar.
    I cant think of a audiophile product that offers better value for money than JR.
    I predict that a day will come when JR gets consumed by one of the "big players"out there and then watch the price!
    It really is that good.
  6. Sherwood Contributor

    Yeah, it's a lot higher. To me, it's not unreasonable.

    Foobar is free because it is developed piecemeal by its user base. It is an excellent program, to be sure, but support comes from the community and you pay with your time to properly configure it to your needs. Again, all fine, but I put a higher value on my time.

    I enjoy the time I spend using JRiver. It's a joyful experience; the UI, the support, and ultimately the music it plays for me. I love it, and wouldn't happily go back to Foobar. Foobar is struggle with reward, JRiver is expense with reward right up front.
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  7. Tony1110

    +1. Although some people enjoy configuring things to their own needs. Personally I find it extremely stressful :rolleyes:
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  8. Theogenes
    The unbelievable feature set and customization of JRMC is among the things that keeps me purchasing each update. As an example: I've recently spent several weeks and no small amount of energy trying to figure out the problem with the audio on my desktop, which is my primary source. It became intensely frustrating, as I was able to making things better or worse, but never resolve them.
    I was ultimately able to install JRMC on an old netbook I had lying around (you get 10 licenses, which is very generous IMO), and then simply linked the libraries, and boom-- I'm able to sit at my desktop, use JRMC, and control music that's now actually coming from my netbook which doesn't have the same irritating issues my desktop has. 
    This kind of functionality is fantastic, and something I would not have even considered remotely important when I first started researching media players. It ended up being the difference between enjoying my music and doing an Office Space-style gangland assassination of my desktop. JRMC seems to have everything I need, even before I need it, in addition to the excellent sound-- and as a result, they'll continue to get my money on future upgrades. Kudos to those guys and gals!
  9. anoxy
    I'm just salty that they're charging 27 bucks to upgrade their program (missed their "sale" pre-order). That's more than half the original price for the entire application. Then add that to the fact that I run OS X and Windows on the same machine and use both platforms regularly, and would like to have access to JRiver on both, and I'm at $127 for this program alone. 
    I love JRiver and I appreciate the improvements it has made to my audio set-up, but that just seems a little steep to me. The licensing shouldn't be confined to one operating system, despite being able to use it on multiple machines of the same platform. 
  10. silversurfer616
    Despite only using the audio part of JRiver,I think it is worth the money as the sound is better compared to foobar.As someone said before foobar is "streesful" and it looks "ugly"....IMO!
    But I do also think that JRiver asks too much just for an upgrade.
  11. Mshenay Contributor

    i like foobar actually. jRiver is more complicated imo. foobar only does what i say when i say. where as j river takes alot of libertys. plus my foobar is set with n simple folder drop box browse super easy for me to use since i organize my music by file

    however. seeing as i love j river for videos... its wrth a try to compare it to foobar with audio. n imo foobar will lack sound stage n bass extension if ur buffer n sample rates r wrong so stop being bias fans who r hearing placebos <3

    how ever. ill listen my self with wasapai event today n see how i like it... still i doubt it will b as easy to use as ive got foobar but if it sounds better its wrth learning :D
  12. Sherwood Contributor

    Totally fair. The pat answer is that you don't have to upgrade to use the program, but even I know that rings a little hollow.

    It is also a little unorthodox for them to charge separately for different OS'es.

    I like the product, and I appreciate that Matt and Jim are charging enough for it to sustain themselves. If JRMC can't pay the bills they go get other jobs, and support and development suffers. That said, I was surprised to see that OSX and Win versions are on a different license system. No one else does it that way, and I don't love it.
  13. Mshenay Contributor
    Yea... quick comparision over FooBar, J River sounds worse, bass is more boomy, treble is a little more sibilant. Mids a touch recessed. Sound Stage is a little wider but not as deep, and this is using J RIver 18, and FooBar v1.2.9 both on WASPAI Event out.
    anyways moving on from that, jRiver is still the best Video player I've tried <3 and I'm happy to say it's going to remain my main Video Player :D [does any one know how to take quick screen shots in jRiver btw] 
  14. cute
    There is no Wasapi Event mode in jRiver Mediacenter 18!
  15. Tony1110
    Does anybody use the crossfeed feature? I'm finding that it makes very little difference. Any other headphone-related features that I'm yet to stumble upon?
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