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JPLAY FEMTO is Fantastic

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by joelha, Nov 21, 2018.
  1. joelha
    JPLAY FEMTO was recently released.

    It's a significant step beyond the previous version of JPLAY.

    I've been a beta tester for the better part of two weeks and I find the sound to be outstanding.

    It's my go to player at this time and I've used many different players in Windows, Mac and Linux environments.

    Free trials are available and I'd highly recommend trying it.

    Those who think all players sound the same might be surprised in this case.

    You can learn more about JPLAY FEMTO and download a trial version at: http://jplay.eu/forum/index.php?/topic/2645-jplay-classic-jplay-femto-released/


    P.S. I've met both of the innovators of this software, Marcin and Josef, and they are very good guys.
  2. Marcin_gps

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