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Jomo Audio Impressions & Discussion Thread

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  1. freesole
    I recently acquired the Jomo Flamenco 2018 universal IEMs. This is my first jump into a ultra high end IEM (I previously had the IE800 which is a great IEM but not in the same price range) and I have to say that I am very pleased.

    I was deliberating between these, 64Audio U12T's, U18T's or Trios. I haven't heard any of the 64Audio's before but I don't know how they can be much better than the Flamenco.

    What tips do you all of you use for your Jomo's?

    Also, is the Trinity that much better than the Flamenco?
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  2. BananaOoyoo
    I wouldn’t consider any IEM to be a strict improvement over the Flamenco. That includes the 64audio lineup and Jomo’s own Trinity.
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  3. koven Contributor
    In the CanJam SG thread I think a few have mentioned Trinity felt like a side grade to Flamenco.
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  4. BananaOoyoo
    Yeah IMO Trinity has a bigger wow factor when you listen to it (probably the DD bass giving it more body), but SQ wise... I’d say it’s a wash. If anything, I might put Flamenco a bit higher.
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  5. Sound~Patriot
    The Trinity brass is incredible. My favourite for almost (except for classical and very instrumental kind of music like Folk and Songwriter) every genre recently!! With the right tips (i use the spiral dots) it has the most engaging and yet balanced tuning i've heard to date. I've demoed the Flamenco for enough time and if the Trinity wouldn't have appeared the Flamenco would be mine. But for me the Flamenco doesn't have this extremely sweet tuned treble (in direct comparison) and this perfect bass/sub bass amount (DD). For me the Trinity brass sounds a bit more balanced. I wouldn't call the Trinity an upgrade though. I don't like this word at all. At the end of the day it's all a matter of taste imo.

    ... but what i don't get is, that your wishlist includes the Trinity instead of the Flamenco :) just mentioning.
    However... i wouldn't put one above the other. They are both great and will find their way to adequate owners :wink:

    Even if i would own the awsome Flamenco i'd consider the Trinity as well :D.... but not as already said as an upgrade. The Flamenco would be (next to the Phantoms) my weapon of choice for classical, songwriter and other non-electronic music as they sound for me one step more transparent. The Legend X and the Trinity brass are my faves when it comes to bass heavy Rock, Alternative, Electronic and so on.
    If both... the Trinity and the Flamenco would be human i'd say the Trinity is the 28 years old good looking manager with great sense for a good outfit and elegance but he's not really settled down yet because of all the great things to come :D
    The Flamenco for me would be the 46 years old great looking gentleman with 2 lovely daughters and a beautiful wife. His life slowed down a bit. He is a bit wiser and calmer as he knows everything will be good :)

    So i wouldn't call one of these persons better than the other one.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
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  6. BananaOoyoo
    It’s because I have multiple BA-only TOTL IEMs already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Want to try something new (i.e. a hybrid), which is why my wish list has three flagship hybrids on it hah
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  7. freesole
    Thanks for the input everyone. I am very much enjoying the Flamenco's, particularly now that I have tried out a few tips and found one that fits my ear well. I don't listen to rock or electronica but lean more towards jazz, classical, vocals, and acoustics. Sounds like the Flamenco's play at the top along with the Trinity so I am not missing much. FOMO is a real thing! :ksc75smile:
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  8. Jalo
    Can somebody that knows the history of the Flamenco shed some light on the history of Flamenco for me? I heard something like the original Flamenco with carbon fiber is the best version in 2017 and then something got change? A new design etc. What is the difference in sound? Seems like there are so many versions of the Flamenco, lizard, leather, acrylic etc, do they all sound different?
  9. Deezel177
    The Flamenco is Jomo's Pro Audio flagship. It has 11 drivers and 2 switches for bass and treble. It was first released in 2017 in universal and custom formats. The universal had a "carbon fibre" shell by default, but all it really is is acrylic lined with carbon fibre on the inside. In 2018, Jomo offered the Flamenco custom in a carbon fibre shell. Again, all it is is acrylic with carbon fibre lining on the inside. There's no difference between the carbon fibre custom and the acrylic custom. In late 2018 (I believe), the universal shell was updated to a different shape. This new shape made the treble sound closer to the custom's treble, so there is a sound difference between this 2018 universal and the original 2017 universal. The leather limited edition version had leather faceplates, but it had no effect on sound whatsoever. So, the leather universal sounds exactly the same as the 2018 universal.

    TL;DR: The custom Flamenco has always sounded the same since 2017. The universal Flamenco has changed in sound, but only because the shape of the shell was updated. All the carbon fibre, leather, etc. along the way has not affected sound at all.
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  10. Jalo
    @Deezel177 Thank you very much for the history. Then why do they say the earlier version sounds better?
  11. DaveStarWalker
    This is a Crinacle claim.


    This is a Crinacle claim...

    I have auditionned the two versions at the same time. I think the tuning is exactly the same... but the fit is slightly different.

    The fit was better for me with the last version, so the bass was slightly more pronunced than the early version. Maybe a sound smoothed (because of the better fit ? I guess) ?...

    A few months later, I have auditionned the first version, only. And ? The sound was... brillant (very good).

    The two universal versions are just... very good.

    My 2 cts.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019 at 4:33 PM
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  12. Jalo
    That is good to know and thanks.
  13. Deezel177
    Yeah, there were a couple users who claimed the 2018 universal sounded smoother in the top-end than the 2017 universal, which caused it to have less perceivable detail. Of course, this is all down to preference. I personally haven't compared them, so I can't weigh how different the two are.
  14. DaveStarWalker
    Frankly, the two versions are in the same bag, and I could live with the two versions.

  15. Ricky64
    I've been in the same boat here. I enjoy acoustic performances, with quite a bit of tenor sax and piano. Curious of others on how the view the timbre of such instruments on the flamenco and Trinity Brass. Does the latter's DD add some weight to these instruments?
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