Jomo Audio Impressions & Discussion Thread

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  1. crinacle
    I don't have the ProPhile 8 for direct A/B comparison but off aural memory, the PP8 does "neutral" better but the Flamenco pushes more details forward.
    I also think I prefer the bass of the PP8 more (with the switches up on both) but I can't say anything absolute without the actual unit with me.
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  2. Rei87

    To tell the truth, I've not used the Truth SPC cable much. I have heard that that shrilly SPC treble spike disappears with many many hours of burn in before it reaches Dita's original intention of the cable being their reference cable, but I have not been able to experience that change myself, given that the Dream/Flamenco are the ones that have been hogging my burn-in rig for the past month or so. 

    Still, I dont really have a favourable impression of the Truth SPC, which is why I elected to use the same cable as a constant when I compared the dream and the Flamenco. I've used the Truth on my other iems, and unfortunately I still cant being myself to like it. I like the Copper truth way more tbh. 

    Speaking of the PP8, I did think of buying it back when I head it, but it being a reference-orientated IEM, meant that if someone really wanted a reference and technical IEM I would just recommend ignoring the PP8 and going straight for the UERR, the Hum Pristine, or even the 64Audio A18 if one has the budget (its not strictly reference, but close enough), all of which  IMO do a much better job of being both technical and reference. The above choices, remain reference when needed (A18 strays towards being a little south of reference), yet doesnt sound anemic when the song calls for more meat, something the PP8 struggles to do, even with both switches flipped. I would however, buy the PP8, over these products, if i wanted a universal and intend to sell it further down the road to upgrade to something else. 

    The Flamenco, however, is NOT reference by any standards, and especially so relative to the PP8. Its fun, musical, slightly on the warmer side of the signature without being bassy due to its lush vocals and slight emphasis on the mids. The PP8 is reference, and hence sounds more 'revealing', but in reality less detailed than the Flamenco, because its less realistic in its presentation of location, due to its lack of vertical depth. The details in the Flamenco are there; ya just gotta dig for it. That said, the PP8 trades that immersiveness for a wider horizontal soundstage.  

    To compare the two, IMO, is really not a fair comparison. Its like comparing a family sadan to a off road SUV just because both share a similarity of being designed to be adaptable to different situations. Yes, they share similarities, but they were designed with a fundamentally different philosophy in mind. The Flamenco is designed to be a fun IEM with switches to make it bassier or sparklier depending on your day's preference. The PP8, has its switches so that you tear your ears off, after a month of naught but flat, reference signature. Buy the PP8,  but only because the reference sound of the PP8 with its switches in the 'off' position is specifically what you want. If you need the bass boost on, then do not buy the PP8. Instead, look for other IEMs that were inherently designed with the sound that you want in its default mode. Get the alternatives mentioned above.  

    In short; the Flamenco is probably what will suit most people, short of those who want a resellable universal that sports a reference signature. 
  3. flinkenick
    Haven't heard the PP8. But agree on the SPC :wink: Calvin also said the copper was better, but I haven't heard it.
  4. Sleepow
    Thank you for the review and comparison with the Dream Rei87

    I would have a couple of questions:

    Which of the two would you recommend for symphonic music as well as opera?

    I know this is the Jomo thread, but the next one is Dream difficult: which portable amp (or dacamp) and cable do you recommend for the Dream?

  5. Rei87
    Hmmmm, I would think that even between choices of music genre, you should still approach it from a perspective of what you are willing to carry.

    If you are willing to go for an amp, get the dream for that slight edge in resolution. For portability and convenience, get the flamenco. In my view, this cuts across all genre of music, and also because both are tuned to be fun signatures.

    I'm using the Mezzo suprano amp, which is good for stuff even up to the hd800. That said, not all amps can power the dream adequately; my kojo brass struggles a little to deliver that bass presence in the dream, that the mezzo easily pumps out.
  6. Sleepow
    Thank you.

    I am currently carrying an amp, albeit a lower tier one: PHA-2.
    I had not used it since I got the ZX2 a couple years ago, but as I recently got the RHA CL1 (as a fun sparkly toy to wait until I can get my hands on the Dream or Flamenco) which has an impedance of 150ohm and a sensitivity of only 89db, I need the amp to properly power them.

    I am thinking about the Z1, but might prefer an amp instead (was looking at at the CDM)

    For cables, you would recommend the 1960?
  7. WayneWoondirts
    aaaand the PLB review is up on HFN:
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  8. Rei87
    I would say that cables should come last, and only after you have already invested in the iem itself. Yes, I will recommend the 1960, if cost is something that you can accept for what I feel is the best copper cable in the market. However, do keep that there are also very excellent alternatives at a very affordable price point like the PW no5. Both are copper, and hence will not, I think, change the sound of the iem the same way a silver cable might, as most iems are tuned using copper cables as the baseline. 

    Its for this same reason why I also recommended the 1960; it wont change the sound signature, so you get the listen to the very sound, that you bought the iem for to begin with. 
  9. Sleepow
    Thanks Rei87
    Yes, getting the IEM is the first thing; and I do hope to be able to try then next week at the Tokyo Fujiavic headphone event.
  10. faizrt
    Hi guys im new here, im planning to get my hands on the Jomo lineup. Which should i go for, PLB or the Jomo 4 V2?
  11. crinacle
    What kind of sound are you looking for?
  12. faizrt

    Hi thank you for the reply! honestly I think I would go for the PLB but when I last auditioned it, it made me think twice. I love the Fun sound signature that the PLB has but it's a bit too dark and enclosed. While the Jomo4 V2 has a flat signature with clearer and spacious feel to it. I would lover if the PLB is a little more spacious and a tad bit brighter while the jomo4 V2 a bit more V sounding. hmmmm
  13. crinacle
    That's the general criticism of the PLB, yes. The Jomo4 is very resolving and slightly V-shaped if not for the rolloff at the highest frequencies. The Jomo5 is just the 4 with a little added bass. In all honesty you should try out the Jomo3 since it's a lot more treble happy than the 4 in this regard.
  14. ExpatinJapan
    My review of the Jomo Audio PLB (Pretty little beast) is now up.

  15. faizrt

    I see, so the Jomo3 is more treble friendly as compared to the V2? hmm well I tried the PLB with an aftermarket cable and it improved the space and controlled the the lows and minimally brought out the highs. I think I paired it with effect audio'S ares ii
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