Jomo Audio Impressions & Discussion Thread

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  1. Brooko Contributor
    [Mod Comment]
    Gentlemen - this "spat" is off topic, and not appreciated.  If you want to talk about the merits of subjective vs objective, please go and start your own thread - preferably in Sound Science.
    Further off topics may necessitate stronger action.
  2. Rei87

    Understood. This discussion will now cease, now that the issue has been resolved with the aforementioned parties editing the relevant profile credentials. 

    Anyway, back to the Jomo Flamenco, on a purely sonic impression front. Compared to the Dita Dream, boasts a different signature. The former is more focused on a textured lowers, the latter on its mids and highs, in a nutshell for now.

    I'll probably get a better listen once the flamenco has gotten more run-in time. 
  3. crinacle
    In case anyone's interested, compensated frequency response graphs of the Flamenco in different configurations:
    Both switches up
    Bass switch up
    Treble switch up
    No switches up
    Raw measurements will be posted in the usual thread. In case anyone's new to my stuff, the compensated measurements are done in a way that reflect flat as a horizontal line. Raw measurements will reflect flat as a slight downslope.
    Also, Flamenco with all switches up quite resembles an old acquaintance's custom Samba:
  4. flinkenick
    Review of the Flamenco is up:

    I'll do a mini shootout of the 3 cable options that Music Sanctuary is offering later on. For now a brief comparison between Ares II and Han Audio Zen paired with Flamenco:
    Ares II has a cleaner, more technical sound. It has a punchy but well-controlled bass response, and a slightly dry and lean midrange that creates it clarity by its energy in the 6 KHz range approx. Compared to Ares II, Zen has a bit more energy around 8-9 Khz, creating a more open, lighter sound. It has a more neutral tonality, and sounds clearer with a bit more treble sparkle on top. In addition, it has a more enhanced sub- and mid-bass, creating more low end impact resulting in a slightly thicker note structure. The Zen is the more musical sounding cable. However, its treble extension is not as good as Ares II. Ares II sounds a bit more transparent and resolving, while it also has a cleaner stage. Combined with Zen's thicker note structure, separation is better with the Ares II cable. In sum, there is a tradeoff between musicality and precision. 
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  5. Lucif6r6th
    I wonder if other cables by Effect Audio with a slight bump in pricing like the Ares II Plus or the Eros II would be better~
  6. flinkenick
    I think it is likely. Since MS is also an Effect dealer, my guess is that there are enough possibilities. Plus Calvin is quite the connaisseur himself, so he can give you good advice.
  7. Rei87

    Do you think that the Flamenco would benefit from a PW 1960 wire? Between the dream and the Flamenco, I've been thinking of where I should put the 4 wire 1960 to, and then get a 2 wire for the iem that is left. 
  8. flinkenick
    Im still on holiday now so I can't try it for a while. But I guess you're specifically referring to the 2-wire right, since you can hear the 4-wire combined with Dream and Flamenco yourself? The Dream sounds very nice with 4-wire. I haven't listened to 4-wire with Flamenco, as I was burning it until I had to fly. 
    Personally as a cable enthusiast, I would get a different cable altogether just for the variation. 4-wire is a bit brighter than 2-wire, but in all other aspects it is a clear step up. 
  9. yacobx
    Hey guys, I'm looking at getting the jomo3. Is this a good buy?
  10. crinacle
    My review is up. The detail that the Flamenco pushes makes it hard to go back to anything less.

  11. Sleepow

    Nice review and it confirms that it should be the main contender for my next purchase.
    Have you heard the Dream? Any quick comparison to make?

    Is the Flamenco as sensitive as the Samba? The hiss coming from the ZX2 into the Samba would not be bearable and I do not want to add a piece of kit in the chain.
  12. noplsestar
  13. Lucif6r6th
    The Samba is much more sensitive than the Flamenco. I think you'll be good here :)
  14. Rei87

    Its been about 2 weeks since I've had the flamenco, which means that both flamenco and dream have had roughly the same amount of burn in time since I've first gotten them.

    Initially, the Flamenco was much brighter and sparkly than the dream, and was no way near as lush in its mids and lowers. However, post 2 weeks of 24/7 burn in on a rig using different tracks to work out each frequency band, the sound has shifted slightly. 

    Initially, the Flamenco was a rather in your face, mid centric iem that sounded a little thin. However, with some good burn in time, its settled slightly more laid back, with a much richer and lusher mid and a bass presence that has increased in prominence. Vocals, from singers like Ayumi hamasaki/koda Kumi/LISA simply sang (pun intended). Coupled with most of Jpop's emphasis on the vocals and the treble, the Flamenco's multiple BA set up allows it to cover a much wider frequency band and maintain that nice sparkly treble extension without sacrificing the lower bass regions.  If purchased to fill the role of a vocal iem, or a general all purpose sound iem, it will not disappoint. It is also very,very detailed, easily pulling out details from songs and presenting it to the listener (Comparable to giants like the EE Zeus, and the Noble Katana), yet remaining very very musical in comparison to them. Its soundstage however, is rather intimate and focused (as expected of Jomo's house sound), so depending on your preferences that may make or break the Flamenco. In short, the Flamenco, is a very all rounded IEM that, IMO, will not fail to easily impress anyone who listens to it, regardless of his song preference. It just doesnt do anything wrong, in a package that will work out of the box on any set ups. If you have the patience to let it run in, it will only reward you by exceeding your initial impression and expectations.

    That said, in comparison to the dita dream. I would like to first state that while I think that such a comparison is an apple to pear comparison, I can see why some people might want to know how they stack against each other. The dream is, imo, one level above in detail retrieval and its spatial presentation when compared to the Flamenco(more on this later). The dream also has a much deeper and textured bass impact and extension (Daft punk-Lose yourself to music). On the Flamenco, the bass sounds a little more uniform, while on the Dream you can easily make out the nuances of the bass impact and its extension as it decays. This increased bass presence, contributes to the vocals (Utada Hikaru - First love) in general sounding much more full bodied and lush than the Flamenco (not that the Flamenco, once it has been properly burned in, is thin or cold by any measure). But, that larger emphasis on the lower frequency ranges may lead to the dream sounding less detailed, as one needs to actually search for the details, as opposed to the Flamenco which simply reveals it to you by virtue of its brighter signature (not that the Flamenco is bright or cold by any measure)

    On the Dream, live concert recordings (LISA recordings/orchestra - Gundam Unicorn OST live performance hall recording) sound much, much more immersive on the dream  than the flamenco because of the coherency and staging, which also leads to it being a touch more realistic than the Flamenco. However, the dream falls short in its treble extension and sparkle against the Flamenco. In addition, the cost of that lovely Dream dynamic bass response, is its power demand. Unless you carry around an amp stack, or are willing to invest in a powerful player like the paw gold or the 1Z, the Dream will sound, lacklustre, for a 2.5k SGD iem, for lack of a better word. In addition, the dream has NO CUSTOM version, a huge drawback in my books. Also, because it is a dynamic, it is very sensitive to cable rolling or component changes, and the cable will make or break it. I used the PW 1960 4 wire on it with and amp, and I immediately found myself questioning the necessity of every buying another IEM. Needless to say, I dont thin I'll ever use the stock VDH cable again. 

    In a nutshell, if you are willing to carry an amp stack, will spend on a good cable that synergizes with it (vv impt), or own a player with a good power output, dont mind the universal shell, you will get what I feel represents the the pinnacle of portable iem listening (sounds like a hyperbole, but canjam has left me convinced) in the DITA DREAM. 

    If, the above is too much trouble for you, and you are willing to settle for something just slightly below perfect for convenience, then get the flamenco. Personally, if i am glad that I have both routes to choose depending on my mood or needs. During commutes I'll use the Flamenco. If I'm stationary, e.g., sitting down and reading a book, I'll use the Dream. Its less a dilemma between two good iems and its signature difference, and more a needs driven choice. Neither will disappoint regardless of your chouce.

    IMO, get both. Then get a good amp and cable, and you've got all grounds covered. The nice aspect of these two IEMS is that they dont overlap. 

    I should also state, that both the Dream and the Flamenco were tested using the same wire; a DHC type 2 litz fusion cable. I like my Fusion cable for testing purposes, because it doesnt add its colour into the IEM signature, but rather, it only expands the soundstage and increases transparency at the cost of a slightly reduced bass decay. 

    Now, I wonder with the Flamenco being such a vocal centric IEM, should I compare it to another very vocal centric IEM, the FIterear Monet 17. Plus, there is the Tia Forte as well, which I am also wondering if I should get too as a partner to the Dream heh. 
  15. flinkenick
    Have you tested the Truth SPC cable separately to get an impression of it? Just curious to your impression.
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