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Jomo Audio Impressions & Discussion Thread

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  1. nmatheis Contributor
    Through my love of IEM, I've met several Head-Fi'ers from Singapore. One of them (audio123) had high praise for Jomo, an IEM / CIEM manufacturer in Singapore. In fact, he introduced me to Joseph, the man behind Jomo. Before I knew it, I was in possession of a beautiful pair of Jomo 6R to test out and give feedback to the Head-Fi community.

    Searching through Head-Fi gave little information on Jomo, so I thought I'd open up a thread where those of you who've tried Jomo IEM can share your experience. For my part, I just received the Jomo 6R, am burning them in now, and will provide impressions as I get more familiar with them.

    Here's a bit about Jomo from their website:

    Jomo Audio is a Singapore local company founded by a broadcast engineer who worked in the field with extensive hands-on experience of video & audio mixing and signal broadcasting. In partnership with the experts from the hearing-aid business, by the inspiration from the Japanese word of "Takumi" or Craftsmanship Spirit, Jomo Audio crafts monitors that sound wonderful in ear and look splendid in hand. Started in the same year as the Singapore Golden Jubilee, Jomo Audio soon become one of most popular custom in-ear monitor brand in the Sound East Asia portable audio market. We kept challenging ourselves from all directions to keep up the spirit of innovation and the “Takumi” Craftsmanship Spirit that we in awe with.

    Here's a snapshot of my 6R being assembled:

    Here are the beautiful Jomo 6R universal demo:

    Here's some more info specifically for Jomo 6R from Jomo's website:

    The Jomo6R is the first model of the R series monitor from Jomo Audio. The R series monitors aim to have a flat response for reference monitoring. With 6 precision balanced armature driver per side, deliver the most crisp sound to your ear and you will not miss any single note.

    Six Precision Balanced Armature Drivers
    Single Dual High, Dual Single Mid and Single Dual Vented Low configuration
    Advance horn sound outlet design
    Three way passive crossover network
    • FR: 20Hz - 20kHz
    • Sensitivity: 126dB
    • Impedance: ~20 ohms

    Website: http://www.jomoaudio.com

    I look forward to reading what others have to say about Jomo IEM!
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  2. audio123
    the jomo6r is really a great reference iem and it brings out details effortlessly
    @ExpatinJapan what are your thoughts on the 6R as compared to other reference monitors [​IMG]
  3. ExpatinJapan
    Thanks audio123.

    I did a review recently so its easier to link to that

    We also did an interview with Joseph that you can find on Head pie too. Great guy.

    I like it a lot. The look, the fit, the sound.
    It is a reference IEM so those who want a colored sound should look a elsewhere.

    As usual being a multidriver IEM best results are with a source that has less than 1ohm output impedance.
  4. ExpatinJapan
  5. audio123

    definitely a reference iem in its own league.
  6. BatToys
    My friend and I are interested in buying Jomo custom iems, can anyone help to give me some detailed reviews on Jomo 2, Jomo 3, Jomo 6R and Samba? Many thanks to you.
  7. audio123
    2 slight v shaped
    3 v shaped
    4 prominent mids
    5 addictive sub bass
    6 forward mids and very detailed
    6r reference sounding
    samba fun and reference sounding
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  8. omastic
    Hello @nmatheis! Any early impressions of the 6R? Eagerly waiting :).
  9. audio123

    you can go music sanctuary or treoo to try [​IMG]
  10. omastic
    Yep I know! Just interested to know more thoughts on it from the veterans of head-fi!
  11. audio123

    well u made a point but ultimately its your ears. i read a 5 star review and bought the iem only to be disappointed.
  12. Mika28
    I'm really not that impressed by the sound of their products and I don't know why maybe it depends from the listener, however their workmanship are great though. I still prefer the other name in ciem industry which is also made in sg.
  13. audio123

    for me, jomo is better [​IMG] and a renowned cable company (i believe you know) works closely with them.
  14. nmatheis Contributor

    I'll try to get something up soon omastic!

    Hope it wasn't my 5 star review that led you stay audio123. Then again, not sure if I've actually given out any 5 star ratings for IEM. Still searching for perfection...
  15. audio123
    not you mate :) your reviews are pretty spot on.
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