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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by rayk, Sep 15, 2009.
  1. rayk
    Sold my Audio-gd Compass to member jjinh. Great communication and super fast payment.
  2. MadMan007
    Sold jjinh Audio-gd Moon v2 and Sun v2 discrete opamp HDAMs. Pleaseant to deal with, good communication, fast payment and patient with the shipping from USA to Australia. Thanks!
  3. rungun
    Jin bought my iRiver iHP-140. He was a pleasure to deal with, with excellent communication and good payment. Cheers again and hope you enjoy the iRiver.

    Thank you! [​IMG]
  4. hpz
    Sold a DIY silver RCA cables to jjinh. Smooth transaction. Pleasure to deal with.

  5. billyearle
    Sold my extra pair of silver yaccocables to jinh. friendly, quick transaction, went smoothly. what more can you hope for?
  6. OutdoorXplorer
    Sold Jin my last piece of Bendix 2C51. Easy communication and fast payment. Great buyer.
  7. tisb0b
    Bought a Corda Swing off of Jin came in excellent condition very happy with my purchase.
  8. kiwi64
    recently bought a set of MS1's from Jin.
    Great experience, great communication, quick delivery, great product.
    I would definatley do business again with pleasure, A1 member - thanks Jin
  9. SilverCans
    Jin bought a pair of headphones from me, very nice guy, highly recommended
  10. momomo6789 Contributor
    sold him diy mini easy to deal with.
  11. wink
    Bought Audio G-D sun and Moon modules off jin.
    A great pleasure to deal with.
    I would have no hesitation to do so again.
    Highly recommended.
  12. FallenAngel Contributor
    I sold Jin a pair of Grado RS-1. Quick and easy sale, would recommend. Thanks!
  13. Audio Jester
    Sold my J$ Denon Pads to Jin.  Very quick payment and good communications.  Recommended!
  14. GreatDane Contributor
    I sold Jin one of my extra headbands for KSC-75 after the subject of this tweak surfaced in a thread. I enjoyed trading PMs with Jin discussing our gear...he is a super-friendly Head-Fier.Payment was quick and worry free. Needless to say, it was a pleasure doing business.
    Thanks Jin
  15. SoundShrew
    Bought an Audio GD compass from Jin, real friendly guy and had no hesitation in giving as much information as needed about my questions, great guy and would definitely trade with him again, communication A+, product in excellent condition and a nice guy, if this were ebay I'd give him 5 stars. cheers mate.[​IMG]

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