JH5 owner needs more... Gaming, AxeFX II, Production
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Jun 16, 2014
Hey guys,
This wonderful community helped me select the JH5s last summer for my band's tour, and I've been overjoyed with them. They have been my only pair of headphones since they arrived, and I have been using them for all my needs on the road including live performance, recording, listening to extreme Spotify tracks, and Netfix.

Since returning home, I've been getting more interested in production (ProTools / AxeFX II), and my PC gaming habbit. I'm no terminology expert, but the JH5s are beginning to show their limitations. They are lacking the soundstage for production, and the low end rumble / immersion for movies and games.

I've been considering upgrading to the JH11s to keep things simple, but it would be a big investment ($850) compared to buying one or two pairs of nice cans for production and gaming. Also, I'm not even sure how well IEMs can compete with cans for what I'm after...
Also, all of my gaming and production would be at home so open-backs are no problem.

Can you fine people help me out? I guess my budget would be ~$700 reflecting the JH11 upgrade vs Cans argument :$

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