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JH3A vs PD XM6 vs FiiO E17 for JH16 Pro

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jasonxff, Jun 6, 2013.
  1. jasonxff
    Greetings to all Head-Fiers, everyone please post opinions,advice,photos,etc.... As i am still in dilemma right now to choose  between this 3 portable amps to pair with my JH16 Pro and i still have around 1 month time only to consider to upgrade my JH16 order with JH Audio to the JH3A combo.
    Any other recommendation is welcomed as well,please respond i would appreciate it a lot. Thank you!
  2. highfidelity69
    Why start a new thread with the same topic, you already have a thread going with the same topic, you will get more responses by keeping it in one thread. :)
  3. jasonxff
    ok,i didn`t know that thanks for the heads up.
  4. highfidelity69
    I suggest you go to the portable in ear headphones forum, you will get more help there, especially in regards to the proprietary JH3A amp that is only made for the JH13-JH16 Custom IEM's, most people here buy portable amps that can be used with all types of headgear, the JH3A is for people with unlimited funds that would like to have a specific amp for their JH13 or JH16 customs. Me personally would get just the standard JH16's, and you can use them with any AMP/DAC combo you please, is the JH3A gona make the JH16's sound better, I am sure it will, but I doubt it night and day better, with the JH3A you will have to carry the amp with you everywhere you go so you can use your IEM's. Trust me the standard JH16's sound fantastic, and you can use them with just your iPhone or Android or Windows phone and they will still sound great, I am sure the new freqphase JH13 or JH16's will sound better than my two year old JH16's, if that's possible :)

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