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JH13v2, ES50 or Kaiser?

  1. Nifrigel
    I'm looking for some advice on choosing custom IEM. I have some experience with the universal fit IEMs, but never had a CIEM before. This time I definitely want to go with custom fit, because of comfort and isolation issues.
    Generally, I prefer neutral tonal balance and as much resolution as possible, most often I also found myself liking what does well on measurements, but that's not always the case. Still, while I'm definitely not a bass head,  I'm fairly tolerant with accent on LF, especially on lower bass, since headphones in general and IEMs in particular can't provide real tactile bass experience.
    Among the universal fit IEMs the ones I liked the most were dynamic HiFiMan RE-series with RE0 being my favorite, and single driver BA like Etymotic ER-4p, though comfort was always the issue with the latter. I never liked any of the multi driver BA IEMs, they all seemed to "colored" or unnatural sounding to me, but of course I've listened to only a small portion of them. For my full-size rig I have STAX SR-007 MK1 with KGSSHV and I find its tonal balance and resolution nearly perfect for me.
    While I'm still open to any suggestions, I've narrowed my choice down to 3 (4) models.
    After reading the famous ToTL Madness review, JH13 Pro FreqPhase would have probably been a no-brainer for me. Regarded as the most neutral of the bunch and among the best in resolution, that seems exactly what I'm looking for. Right away I went to the JH website and there I found this:
    Everything is fine, except that JH13v2 is an entirely different headphones from JH13 Pro FreqPhase that piqued my interest. New drivers, new crossover, new cable. New positioning as well: while JH 13 Pro FreqPhase was JH top model at the time, JH13v2 is more like a stripped down Angie. And there is very little feedback on the JH13v2.
    Westone ES50
    Once again, there are tons of information on ES5, but much less so on ES50 and ES60. Assuming that ES50's only difference from ES5 is connector (I'm not so sure about it), from what I've read, ES50 would also be a fine choice for me: a bit bassy, but surprisingly neutral for Westone, with somewhat relaxing sound. It seems they should also be more comfortable due to hybrid acrylic-vinyl shell. Bonus: cheaper than JH13v2 and very nice visual customization options. But what about ES60?
    Noble Kaiser 10C
    Currently residing as No. 1 in Tyll's WoF, this is heads down the most beautiful IEMs I've ever seen (I mean some of the ones in Noble's album, not the ones in Tyll's possession). Somehow, in these ocean of praise on how good they look and how enjoyable they sound, I still haven't found out about their tonal balance and how far from neutral they are in general. They're also a bit pricey.
  2. Jarmel
    I'm also curious about this too as I have to replace my 13s due to an accident. I was considering just getting the 13v2s.
  3. proedros
  4. ranjitotski
    Try fitear
  5. icebeam030
    Hello, I've heard the ES50 and the JH13V2, I would strongly recommend the ES50.
    ES50 is really neutral and clear, very translucent sound. However, 13V2 is much worse than the 13 I think, totally different sounds, more bass, and not moving as the 13, sometimes even strident.
    I've also heard the ER-4p, I like it, but I prefer B&O A8.
    Compared with ES50, ES60 has more bass, bigger sound field, the singer is more behind, and is much less translucent.
    Unfortunately I made a mistake and got one ES60, now I am sending it back and change it to ES50, which means I'll pay ES60+200 dollar to get a ES50! How sad!
    Waiting for the ES50, I'll pick up my A8 again.

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