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Oct 22, 2008
I am putting up my JH13 for sale. The reason for sale is that I do not use it to it's full capability and I don't anticipate that being the case anytime soon. I have owned these for roughly 1-1.5 years. I can't remember exactly how long I have owned them but from that time length I probably didn't use them regularly for 3-4 months.
These are the newer JH13 with the freqphase. These will come with just the iem's and nothing else. I do not have any cables since I sold the silver cable separately. These will be packaged very well for shipping.
Other than the JH13 I will include a headphonelounge silver cable terminated in a 3.5mm straight plug. I am the second owner of the cable and have owned them for 3 months. I spoke to Ted about the cable and he said it looked like a reference silver but definitely not budget. He couldn't tell me 100% since I needed the previous owner's name and didn't want to go through the trouble.  I am the first owner of the JH13. You will not be getting any accessories so it is just the iem and the cable. They will be packaged very well. 
I am located in NYC. A local pickup is option at a discount for cash. I will ship within 2 business days but most likely next business day.
My price is sold including all shipping and paypal fees within ConUS. I want to sell within ConUS at this time. I may open up to international at a later date.
There's no picture but I don't see the need for one since you will need to get these remolded anyway.
A quick note on how I do business may be needed. You can ask all kinds of questions about the item however you must be clear. You can ask questions but unless you state something such as "I am going to buy it" then I am open to sell to whoever does that first. I've gotten too many people who have held up potential sales by asking a lot of questions and later deciding not to purchase it so this makes it clear for both parties involved.
A quick FAQ for custom iem
1) These are made for your ears. How do I use them? You will need to find a company that offers reshelling services. For USA customers I recommend Inearz.
2) How do I get them to fit my ears? You will need to get ear impressions at an audiologist. This ranges from $50-$100 in NYC and may differ depending on the options you have available. JH Audio and Ultimate Ears have a list of audiologists they recommend in different cities.
You will need to do your own research to figure out your options. I am not here to give you information and such requests will be ignored. 
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Feb 19, 2015
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Excellent note regarding clarity of intent to buy! I've been on both sides of the confusion of "who gets first dibs". I should add a similar disclaimer on my stuff. Good luck with the sale!
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