JH13 deal
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Mar 6, 2008
saw this on FB
"Here at JHAudio, we LOVE the JH13-it's feeling a little left out these days.. so TODAY, May 13, from 12pm-4pm we will be offering the best promo ever!
Use code: LOVE413 to purchase the JH13 for $899! (offer only available in the JHA Store.)
JHAudio sales are random, these deals don't come along often!"
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must resist.. must resist.. losing... control...     dammit.. my wallet just jumped out of my pocket and ran away..

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Oh come on, for that price you could buy an amp with a bass boost that would give you all the bassy satisfaction of the 16s at a fraction of the price.  I say go for it. If only I had the money...
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There will probably be a JH19Pro or something of that sort coming down the pipelines in the next few years anyway; regardless of how 'perfect' anyone tells you that their latest product is, product revisions will inevitably occur and it's silly to have buyer's remorse over it.  If I were in your position I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger; almost wish I waited a little on the JH16s myself.
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The JH13 wouldn't sound any worse even if they do come out with a new model...
Super tempted myself...
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Sweet!  I've been waiting patiently for a sale on the 13s for months now, ever since missing that black Wednesday deal.  I figured if it goes on sale once, it will again one day, but my patience was really really wearing thin and I was close to breaking.  I was going to wait till canjam and see if something surfaced but luckily it was today and I checked this forum.  Thanks for posting!

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