JH Audio Lola or JH13v2 Pro?

Lola or JH13v2 Pro

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Sep 30, 2018
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Sep 30, 2018
Hi, thanks for reading,

I’m selling my separates and investing in portable audio as I’m travelling a lot for work, including plane and train.

After a listen in store I decided the Astell and Kern SR15 is probably for me. I’m considering the AK cd ripper to rip my 900+ cd collection as FLAC but see mixed reviews online, also wonder if the SR15 has enough internal storage for me don’t want to change micro sd’s all the time.

I listened to some JH audio Universal Michelle’s in store, they sounded great. I’m trying to decide between the JH13v2pro and the Lola as custom IEM’s not many reviews out there!

I’m listening mainly to country, bluegrass (Alison krauss, Willie Nelson etc) scores and soundtrack (Hans zimmer, Howard shore), older rock (zeppelin, stones) some Motown and jazz.

Smooth non harsh saxophone and lyrical strings matter to me, as do things like the highs on slide guitar and mandolin feeling like they have space.

I know it’s very subjective but do either monitor stand out as the obvious choice for my listening habits? As a relative newcomer to high end audio will my ears notice much of a difference at all (enough to justify the price jump)

Last question, most reputable places to download MQA or DSD albums. I want to download half a dozen of my favourite albums when I get the player.

Lastly, I think I should get a decent set of cheaper Universal in ears (so I can convert everyone I know to hi res audio and the difference a good dap makes) also as a backup to my customs.
What do people recommend under the £300 mark.

I will contribute a detailed review of both when I have had them a while so as to return to the community, probably using Alison Krauss Live in Paris, Buena Vista Social Club and Led Zeppelin Mothership as my source material in MQA or DSD.

Huge thanks,

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