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JH Audio Lola Impressions and Discussions

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  1. Ike1985
    There isn't a Lola thread so let's start one!  Impressions and discussions welcome regarding this mid-dynamic unique proprietary D.O.M.E design!
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  2. Ike1985
    I find it interesting that they've decided to put the dynamics in the mid range instead of the low.  This should be a very thick sounding IEM with excellent decay, dynamism, extension and speed in the mids.
  3. ranfan
    Thanks @Ike1985

    I'll bring my post here. It's interesting for me to hear how this new technology will sound. I'm a fan of hybrids :p
  4. ranfan
    I guess this will create a more natural timbre on the reproduction of vocals and acoustic sound. Am curious how they'll sound, let us wait and hear.
  5. Mimouille
    Isn't it a bit similar to the push pull dynamic drivers of Ocharaku?
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  6. ranfan

    You're right, it is. The Ocharaku with 10 mm drivers, and a space in between with an air tube/pipe. The DOME with 4.9 mm, enclosed together.
  7. Mimouille
    Well maybe not so revolutionary after all :D let us see how it sounds. I do like the Flat 4 sound, but the lack of isolation was annoying.
  8. bvng3540
    Per Jude on the video, he stated it the best he heard, better than Layla, also someone said that Layla is reference monitor and Lola is musical
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  9. ranfan

    It is one of the best he'd heard, along with 'tia Fourte'.
  10. Mimouille
    Well this is only Jude's opinion. Some people preferred Roxanne or even JH13 over Layla...matter of taste as well.
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  11. bvng3540

    Ok no comment
  12. ezekiel77
    2 DDs firing into a chamber that leads to a sound tube? The Brainwavz R3 from 2014 had a similar concept.
    But having a DD chamber and other BAs in the same IEM, that's a different ballgame. 
    No hate lol, I have JH and Brainwavz stuff, love both. [​IMG] 
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  13. jmills8
    Many companies have used push/pull but in this case the push/pull sole role is the mid range.
  14. ranfan
    And with 'Lola', it is a hybrid with 4.9 mm dual dynamic :)
  15. crinacle
    As a hybrid nut, I'm waiting eagerly for impressions out of CanJam...
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