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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. warrenpchi Administrator
    Lol, all I did was let you audition them mate!  [​IMG]  But yes, I know the feeling, because they sound quite bad ass.
    For the love of God though, return them as soon as you can!  Phil's got them for 300 quid less!
  2. Duncan Moderator
    If I've ruined my chance to return these to Amazon after opening the box, then I have...

    Cruel irony in having both the Layla and the 1p2 here with me right now, I still really like the top end of the 1p2 (sure that'll change after zero hour has passed) - but the mids and bass of the Layla, yup - happy :)
  3. Audiowood
    Hey folks, I am seriously considering Layla, but I am a little bit unsure. Does the Layla treble extend more than Angie? Some say Angie is brighter overall and some say Layla treble extend higher than Angie.. Any help appreciated..
  4. Duncan Moderator
    I was desperate to hate these, but wow can they make music...

    Still haven't worked out the fit though, on a consistent basis, sure that'll come with time...
  5. subguy812
    I will be hating mine also in a couple of weeks
  6. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I never thought I could hear the openness, transparency and "big sound" from an IEM. The Layla's have totally changed my mind on the potential for IEMs.
  7. Rico613
    ^ stop teasing!!  mine don't get here until tomorrow  . . . [​IMG]
    MacedonianHero likes this.
  8. mwa3aan
    I bought these about two months ago and in short returned them two weeks later. They were terrible. The whole mid range was missing. Treble (or high end) sounds like it was playing through tiny pipes. At first I thought something was faulty and contacted the company I bought them from. They replaced the cable to ensure it wasn't faulty in the bass control unit. It didn't help.

    I did some blind tests with friends, including my wife who listens to music on her iPhone buds and a friend who is a professional music producer.

    Everyone agreed it sounded like it was faulty compared to just about every other iem or headphone.

    When they heard afterwards what I paid they were shocked.

    It was very disappointing. I own jh13's which I love.

    I did not use these with an AK player. I emailed jh audio to ensure they would work well with any music player and is not specially tuned for the AK before I bought the.

    I used a hifiman 901.

    In short, I would stay very very far away from these and rather buy a pair of shure or seinheiser iems. Maybe the Roxanne sounds better.
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  9. Duncan Moderator
    To stop the above post being flamed, I can say that the fit is weird, as alluded to in my post above, I still haven't got around to working out a consistent fit (so these to me are like the Sony EX1000 in terms of awkwardness) -but get it right, and boom :)

    ....That isn't saying that mwa3aan doesn't have a good fit (as a JH owner already, I'm sure that isn't the case) but - throwing it out there nonetheless.
    mwa3aan likes this.
  10. A2029
    Just to make sure, you have a HM-901 and not a HM-802? What output card are you running in the HM-901?
  11. mwa3aan
    Duncan I appreciate it. I didn't aim for a response that would get people angry. I paid a lot for these headphones and we're truly disappointed. I wanted to share that here. I want to make it clear that I have spent a lot of only on jha and am a fan. But when a product doesn't work well (through my eyes) want to share it honestly.
  12. figaro69

    To get a nice, proper fit with the Laylas is a bear of a task.  I was ready to return them after a couple of days, but persistence paid off.  Now they sound great after much fiddling with their positioning...not HD800 or T1 great, but great nonetheless.  they definitely beat the hell out of my shure 846s...best IEMs I've heard. They sound expansive.
  13. mwa3aan

    901S with balanced card.
  14. tumburu
    That's the main problem with these. And it's definitely not a fit issue (that would make the bass missing). Fortunately that's fixable (by digital means), but unacceptable for the price.
  15. hipnick
    I am listening to a violin concerto right now. The violin sounds so real. How could that be possible with a 'missing' mid-range? 
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