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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. goodvibes
    You can always sell your universals and opt for the custom version. I personally find a properly fit custom more comfortable than an over the ear type. It's a big difference from universal tips for me and the weight is supported by so much surface area that it will become a non issue.
  2. Rico613
     FWIW ~ with the custom 16 Pro's I found it took 6-8 weeks for my ear canals to adapt.  Apparently what happens is the cartilage or whatever has to breakdown (ouch!) to fit around the hard plastic.  It makes for a tight fit which makes for nice isolation.  I think you will find yours getting more comfortable over time.
    ^ Great review btw . . .  [​IMG] 
  3. vincentm66
    Hi all,
    I'm interested with Layla, I own a cowon P1 (I sold my 240 as I prefer the sound on the P1) does anyone tried the Layla with the Cowon  and could share its impressions?
  4. Edwood
    The SQ is indeed improved from the AK240 in the limited time I've heard it at THE Show in Newport.  I used my custom Layla's.  It pairs very well with it.    
    The stock amp is indeed rather underpowered in the 380, not nearly enough for full sized cans like HiFiMan HE-1000.  Only portable player I would bother with full sized cans would be like the HiFiMan HM-901 (or 901S) with balanced amp card.  Maybe the AK380's amp "sled" will be much better, I don't know, as the one they had there was not working, but it does add considerable bulk, but they said it does contain a battery in it as well.
  5. Edwood
    Customs sound better too.  I've been comparing my Custom Layla with a Universal one, and even after futzing with the fit of the Universal, my Custom Layla sounds better because it's fit is perfect every time.
    Customs are definitely a lot more of a hassle to get than Universal, but if you can get a perfect fit, it's so worth it. 
  6. hipnick
    Thanks, I certainly hope so. Actually if I could remember to take them off and give my ear canal a rest every now and then, it is all fine. But I get too carried away sometimes  [​IMG]
    If I can get a perfect fit... Maybe I will try my luck with the next year's edition (Sally?) [​IMG]
  7. Rico613
    nope, LUCY, aka "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", aka L.S.D.  [​IMG]
  8. soundblast75
    I have great fit with tbe Uni Laylas,feel absolutely no need to go down custom root because of that.
    I also only experienced slight discomfort only in the first day or two,never since,despite their huge size i find them extremely comfy now:smiley:
  9. MacedonianHero Contributor
    You can add me to that list. I was lucky enough to have the pre-installed tips fit me perfectly. They feel so comfortable that sometimes I have to check to see if they are in my ears even though the sound is still excellent.
  10. subguy812
    Man the pressure........I have them purchased in the cart....just not pushing finalize transaction.
  11. Rico613

    I asked JHA about my custom order on Tuesday.  Wednesday they said they would ship tomorrow (Thursday).  Haven't heard anything since.  It's been two months.  I worry about the fit not being right . . . but the custom 16 pro's worked out nicely . . .
  12. Duncan Moderator

    WTH have I done - now, especially at UK Price - I've just completed an order for the Layla's...

    Going from SE846 to 1p2 I see how things have progressed, I just hope that the Layla's are significantly better than the 1p2

    I totally blame warrenpchi for this purchase...
  13. PhilW
    why on earth did you just pay so much for them?

  14. Duncan Moderator
    Hmm... Amazon's return policy :frowning2:
  15. PhilW
    you won't need to return them lol :wink:
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