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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. figaro69

    I like the Laylas...but the only times I listen to them is when I am on the go, in a library, or next to my sleeping wife.  Given the choice of the HD800, T1, LCDX, LCD-XC, PS1000, and the Layla under ideal conditions with the ideal amp/dac pairing, the Layla is the last one I would pick of the lot.  Laylas are great IEMS (yes, the best), but they just don't compete with the aforementioned open cans.  It is no contest.  An IEM can strive to sound like an open can, but I don't think it will ever equal the sound of an open can...even if they put 100 drivers in each earpiece.
  2. M-13
    I want make sure nobody attacks audionewbi. You're welcome to share your negative experience [​IMG] (I do the same on other IEM threads)
    In my experience I felt like no IEMs, BA or otherwise could match up dynamic headphones, not to even mention awesome planars. This was in the days of the SE535/W4R/UE900 or even further back the original trio SE530/W3/Triple Fi 10. IEMs were nice but NEVER could approach headphones.
    I felt headphones like the HD600/HD650 were much superior to them and could do things small tiny IEMs could never ever do. Especially in terms of scale of sound/expansiveness and separation
    The first IEM to change my mind was the IE800. I expected them to be an upgrade to IEMs but in no way compete with full-sized cans. I was shocked to say the least and realized that the IE800 could deliver full-sized can like sound. The openess, the clarity, it was all there. I ranked the sound better than the HD600. It had even more transparency/detail without giving up the scale of sound (speaker like sound)
    So I had the K3003/SE846/IE800 Trio for a while. Yes, indeed for me they shamed most full-sized cans not in the $1000+ category. The K3003 especially was dangerously close to the HD800/K812, but just not quite there, but on the go it couldn't get any better right?
    I had my doubts about the Layla as I figured (how much better can it possibly get?)
    But as you all know the Layla was so much more than I could have dreamed. It is like the HD800/K812 on the go for me. Even better in a lot of ways, especially paired up with the AK100ii. It is definitely a step or two above my old trio of K3003/IE800/SE846, and stomps all over them (in my opinion and to my tastes of course)
    Not everyone hears the same of course, but I cannot help but wonder if people who have problems with the Layla are just not getting the right seal. You need to position her carefully before eargasm can commence. [​IMG] 
  3. M-13
    Great Review MH. I enjoyed reading it! [​IMG]
  4. MacedonianHero Contributor
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  5. chukwe
    Can someone recommend a good shirt clip for Layla I can buy in the UK?
  6. soundblast75
  7. goodvibes
    I don't think anyone took it beyond face value. Always welcome.[​IMG]
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  8. chukwe
    Is there any need to upgrade the cable of the Layla with a third party cable?
  9. Currawong Contributor
    That's interesting, because I find that the Laylas (universal) are far better than my JH-13FPs. The treble quality is vastly better for a start. However, the heavier sound of the Laylas I like best when I have music that benefits from it.
    If the Laylas are too dark, I feel that the ALO Audio Rx brightens them up, as does a Hugo. I'm not sure why this is, as it was designed to be dead neutral. I'm working on finding out whether or not it has to do with the source input.  The other amps I like with the Laylas at present are the Pico Power and Sound Potion Monolith (from Japan). Strangely out of my AK240 (balanced) they sound distinctly darker. Go figure.
  10. DrSheep
    This pretty much only apply to the balanced cable for the AK240, as the stock cable is too heavy from the plug end and the AK240's balanced port isn't exactly the strongest.  This is why I opted for straight plugs in this case to limit torque and wear on the port.  However, the Beat Audio Cable moved the bass adjust to the y-spliter and their plug has a higher friction, so that when you pick up the DAP without holding on the cable, the plug is unlikely to spin inside the port.
  11. goodvibes
    Agree with all this but the jh13 treble is still VG and even more so with the right cable. The stock cable on JH13 is a bit grainy and not nearly as good as the stock cable on the Sirens. Of course, by the time you find your cable for a 13, you could just buy and Angie... unless you just prefer the 13 like audionewbi. I own 13s and I'm not switching because I'm happy with them but if I was buying new would probably opt for the Angie because the treble is very un-iem like, in a good way. I'd need more listens to be certain but that's my take so far. I'm sure some will want the treble more exciting but it sound right to me and with a very nice harmonic character.
  12. Currawong Contributor
    I have a couple of aftermarket cables for them, one which brings out the treble more. I agree about the stock cables. 
  13. LouisArmstrong
    Hi there - may I know which aftermarket cable brings out the treble more? Thanks.
  14. Currawong Contributor

    The Norne Vorpal.
  15. tumburu
    Well, they certainly are not. It's almost a joke (and a bad one). The dip in the high mids is present on most sources so it's not source dependent, it's simply strange tuning. One possible explanation is JH did it especially for protecting the hearing, because the dip is situated exactly in the area where the ear is most sensitive. But they say something else... No idea why.
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