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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. angelom

    Hello audionewbi.

    Thank you for honest impressions.

    I have hd800 and er-4s and I'm interested in Angie. Con you speaking a little more about Angie comparing with hd800 and er-4s?

    This is thread is for Layla only so maybe please you replying in Layla and Angie thread or new Angie thread.

    Thank you.
  2. goodvibes
    Everyone should always listen for themselves. I've said that some will not acclimate to the smoothness of the treble as they're used to more sparkle. It's especially so with the warmer Layla but the Angie will not be immune to those who want a bit of more of it. It is by design and what the 4 tweeters are about. Thing to do is listen to the Angie for a while and then go back and see if the highs of what you were accustomed to in your other IEMs sound more artificial or preferred. Nothing is for everyone.[​IMG] 
  3. cheznous
    It's good job we all don't have the same taste, the world would be a poorer place.
    Since I got my Layla I never use my HD800 anymore. They seem sterile compared to the Layla.
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  4. piksnz
    Also I find the Layla to have better dynamics and soundstage compared to k10. K10 highs were shriller. Enjoying the Layla every bit.
  5. audionewbi
    I think dynamic of all the BA gears I have fail to compete with my mid-tier dynamic driver. When I purchase BA iem I do it based on technical merit, merit such as speed, accuracy and separation.
    Layla soundstage is considerably smaller than ex-1000. I guess at 3K I expected to be nothing but perfect, I just don't hear it in them.

    The demo unit of jha13 is a much better sounding heart than both Angie and Layla. I don't think JHA made much innovation sense their freqphase.

    My source is lotoo paw gold and I was using it on high gain setting.

    I am just concerned of people spending their money without knowing what the Layla and Angie might be. Their are much better way to spend 3.5 K in audio world.
  6. cheznous

    It is personal taste but I don't agree with this at all. I think the Layla is a good return on your investment.
  7. tumburu
    Well, I'd love to see a DD based IEM capable of competing with Layla. IE800 is a lovely thing, but it doesn't have the level of detail across the spectrum that Layla is capable of.
    And speaking of stereo image, I was pretty surprised to find out that Layla has a bigger stereo image than that of the Beyer T1, no need to mention it's bigger than on IE800. From my memory EX1000 had a similar width to that of the T1, but less depth and noticeably lesser detail.
    What the high end DD still has over this super-multi BAs is the depth of the stereo image, which feels more natural, BA still sounds somehow artificial and flat (flat related to depth, not to FR).
  8. audionewbi
    I highly recommend kaede II or ckr9ltd. Kaede II to my ear had alot more to offer than Layla and while ckr9ltd is not quiet to the same level of Angie however for its selling price it offers a sound that I was expecting Angie to better.

    I like a fuller bass so I am using ckr10.

    Ie800 is also not quiet to my liking.
  9. audionewbi
    I think for someone who is about to start this hobby they would think if they purchase Layla and a matching dap for it they possibly have made the best purchase of their life time. I just wanted to get my voice out that perhaps it is not and there are many other way to spend your money if you just have started this hobby.

    We just cannot forget the price tag and we need to judge each product relative to its price category. I just don't see how Layla can best something like hd800, lcd-3, they all cost the same.
  10. robm321
    ^ thank you for your honesty. I think some are afraid to post these types of impressions fearing a backlash, but it does help those that are considering these.
  11. Rico613

    I agree with ^.  I think for a full sized system, (a decent source and amp), full sized headphones are going to sound way better than something as tiny as an IEM.  Where the IEM works, for me anyway, is with a portable source where full size are not an option.  Just my $.02 worth . . 
    as for HD 800 comparisons, that is a hard headphone to drive.  LCD-3 would be a better for comparison. 
  12. Buddhahacker
    Now that you mentioned it, I had the same reaction this past weekend when I was listening to my HD800.  Like you wrote, it seemed sterile and dry.  I don't remember that from my last listening about three weeks ago.  I guess that's what happens when you spend all of your time listening to a new device.
  13. MacedonianHero Contributor
    In case anyone is interested, my review of the Layla's is up. Please see my sig. for a link. [​IMG]
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  14. goodvibes
    Should have tried low gain with the Layla.
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  15. audionewbi
    Apologies for derailing the thread, I mean no offence, believe me I read more about audio than I do of my work. I get passionate too quick and I am not as elegant with my words.
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