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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. figaro69
    Cost has nothing to do with it...crap is crap even if it costs 3K.  There are kinks that need to be worked out with the Laylas before you hear them at their best.  That damn little port being covered with some kind of glue/goo substance had a lot to do with the initial bad sound coming out of the left IEM.  Once dislodged, I was able to hear the Laylas at full throttle. 
  2. Rico613

    LOL . . . there's something to be said for that too. 
  3. soundblast75
    My end game:)
    Truly this can't be beaten!

  4. Cagin
    until doubt creeps back in haha j/k. Must be a relief for you to finally prefer one over the others. Is it due to having spent more time with your vorzamp pure 2 that helped you push your ciems to their limits and decide which was your favorite?
  5. soundblast75

    The Vorzamp is incredible, you cant use Tera with iems without an amp really, with pure II+ its German Perfection:)
    It is better than ZX2/Pure, not a great deal, but there's more enjoyment for sure.
    It is obvious to me now Layla is superior to K10 , it took a few hours, i can't go back now.
    K10 has one of the very best tuning in the iem world, Layla is a different beast tho, it is closer to a big headphone than an iem.
    I still think K10 is incredible too, Encore and A12 are even better..and then there's Layla, it is not a must buy by any means, but since i have it i don't need both (K10) anymore.
    Encore will be always special to me and its one of the very best, Its the closest to Layla along A12.
    Price is so striking ,most think - no way..i did that..but in reality..its the best, no competition, sorry folks, i know most wanna hear its not worth it[​IMG]
  6. robm321
    Yep a lot of that in a thread is usually a sign that they paid a lot and want it to be worth it. 
  7. chukwe
    If I had all your iems and use them with my setup (iPhone 6 & Spotify), will notice the differences in their sound signature?
  8. soundblast75
    All of thes totl iems sound amazing from an iphone too, tho the upscale with better source is a must [​IMG]
  9. dj nellie
    Could you please post pictures of your earpieces side by side, at angles which show the difference in size?  Hopefully having pictures of the poor quality control on the top headphone site will create at least a little bit of pressure to improve their processes.
    The pictures in the Angie thread of production differences were very alarming, although my pair seem to be more or less the same size and they don't have the carbon fiber weaving issue that the pair in that thread has.
  10. cheznous
    I love my Layla's but this quality control is not good. Grado are a relatively small manufacturer but they manage good quality. If I had read these problems before hand I wouldn't have bought. As I say mine are fine but it shouldn't be a lottery it should be a given they are uniform and well built.
  11. cheznous
    Perfect match and finish. So why aren't everybodies?
  12. audionewbi
    I had a listen to the Layla and Angie today. The Angie was relatively new but Layla was well worn in. Lets just say I walked out richer than what I walk in. 

    My only advice is for anyone who wants to buy this to first listen to it and decide for oneself as honestly these two IEM perhaps had the most hype that even got to me. Layla does not come close to HD800, it just does not. The treble detail of both unit failed to surpass what I can hear on my now 14 years old ER4S. 

    For todays demo I took my Kaede II, ER4S, K3003 and CKR10. To me even the CKR10 was able to best the Angie. I am glad I got to hear these before ordering it as it would have been another T5p experience all over again.
    Good luck folks and those who do like their purchases I am very happy for you guys, enjoy it and I mean no offence on what i said. 
    Currawong likes this.
  13. chukwe
    Thanks for your opinion. It's well noted. I hope you enjoy your headphone for many more years
  14. Mimouille
    I hear a hint of irony.
  15. Rico613

    What was the source / amp for testing on these?
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