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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. DrSheep
    I found the recent string of misshapen Layla's and Angies disturbing.
  2. figaro69

    Yes, you would assume that I got customed Laylas, but no, they are the Universals.  Disturbing that a universal IEM has such a marked size differential between the earpieces.  Disturbing, to say the least. 
  3. Rico613
    Now that is weird !
  4. tumburu
    Mine also have the shells slightly different and the tube is just a little bit longer on the right side. And the not so good finishing that John Culter discovered on his customs, is here too, on the insertion area of the cable on the left piece.
    Nothing outrageous but surely not premium quality as one would expect for such a high priced piece of kit.
  5. soundblast75
    No problems here, I thought the quality and craftsmanship on mine is outstanding and sound is def the best I've heard so far
  6. figaro69
    Okay, so I've spent a whole day with Layla after a disastrous first night.  First thing I noticed today: one of two small ports in the left IEM was covered by some kind of glue-like substance and I hadn't noticed that last night.  After I took it off with the small tool provided in the kit, the sound wasn't muffled anymore as it had been. Apparently that small port is responsible for the treble and once set free, the sound changed completely to a much more open, bright (but not tiring), clear sound. 
    Next came the ordeal of trying on all the tips provided in the kit.  The foam tips are not good since they muffle the sound a bit.  I ended up choosing the largest rubber (?) olive-looking tips and, then again, huge improvement in sound. 
    Next came the ordeal of trying to position the IEMs the right way within my ears...and an ordeal it was until I was able to find the perfect position (It's kind of a weird position, since the cables coming out of the IEMs end up virtually horizontal in relation to my ears, thus completely different from the way I wear my Shure 846s. 
    Once all this business was taken care of, what are we left with?  Well, I have to admit I was completely wrong when it came to my initial assessment: these are simply the best IEMs I've ever heard.  The Shure 846s are not even close.  Wide soundstage, crisp highs, solid mids, wonderful bass.  Nothing is exaggerated.  Everything sounds just right.  I don't know that they sound better than the HD800s or T1s, but they get pretty damn close to them.  Amazing, expansive sounds...and to think I almost gave up on them.  Amazing product.  By the way, there are no blemishes/imperfections in the carbon fiber of the shells in my Layla.
    By the way, I am not a believer in burn-in, but the sound in these just keeps opening up and blossoming with each passing hour (I only have about 10 hours of playtime with them).  So, piece of advice: don't be fooled by first impressions...you need to wrestle a bit with this beast before it reveals its magic.  All I can say now is, WOW! The only complaint left is that the two shells are not exactly the same shape and that they are quite big (i.e., they should have been called "Big Bertha" rather than "Layla"), but after finding the right position, the Layla feels quite comfortable inside my ears.
  7. Max Minimum
    I imagine they trounce the SE846 up top.  How about the bass?  Do they slam and rumble down low as nicely as the Shures?  Or can they be made to with the bass adjustment?
  8. LouisArmstrong

    No. IMO the Layla does not go as deep as the SE846 (neutral filter) even when the Layla's bass is turned to max. Maybe I will have to try the Layla on a portable amp, as I am mostly using it with AK240 or iPhone 6+. But straight from these devices, the bass of SE846 is simply better in terms of depth (as opposed to the bloated bass in the SE530). Overall I still think Layla is a much better and balanced pair of plugs though.
  9. figaro69

    For what I would be using them for (Classical Music), they are much better than the Shure 846s.  I can't call the sound of the Shure completely balanced or flat with the rolled off treble (even with the "bright" filter).  All I can say is that the Laylas sound much more natural than the Shures, more expansive, and more true-to-life.  Wonderful soundstage and imaging, which in my opinion is lacking in the Shures.  Don't get me wrong, the 846s are a great set of IEMS, but the Layla is in a completely different league.  I would say there is more bass quantity with the Shures, but Layla is much better in bass quality. 
  10. Max Minimum
    Thanks for both replies!  They really help to give me a better idea of what the Laylas sound like.
  11. Rico613
    Glad your were able to workout various concerns with Layla.  I was a little worried about my incoming custom pair.  So are you now admitting that you believe in burn-in ?  Be careful, you may be tempted to upgrade to some high-end silver Audioquest interconnects, then it is a slippery slope into Shynyata power distributors and power cables !!  [​IMG] 
  12. Cagin
    These two Layla/Angie threads are very roller coaster like :rolleyes: poor angelom :popcorn:
  13. soundblast75

    Haha, glad to hear its all good. i have been comparing to K10 and whilst i love em and could live with them for the rest of my life i have to say Layla is a step or two up from that...
    So it should be, but its still too expensive..
    K10 going for sale tomorrow!
  14. angelom

    Ha ha!

    I read this thread too but I'm not interesting in Layla like before but more in Angie now. I think impressions of sound of Angie are more similar and good but one or 2 people say different things that I feel a little confusion but I don't know if they having very experienced people. I think maybe soon I buying Angie but I want more opinions still from people owning this iem not only listen in shop little time.

    Reviews honest is difficult because sometimes is like marketing or people owning expensive iems maybe wanting convincing yourself is the best iem in the world. I hoping Tyll give review of Layla and Angie soon.
  15. figaro69

    I tend now to believe that my ears need the burn-in, not the phones!
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