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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. John Culter
    More info coming soon :)


  2. angelom

    Ha ha! Yes, Eric Clapton! I'm silly, I forget Siren iems are for woman's names in rock music. I think if Layla, Angie and Roxanne not very good finally maybe Sadie (of The Beatles) will be perfect?

    "Sexy Sadie oooh you broke the rules
    One sunny day the world was waiting for a lover
    She came along to turn on everyone
    Sexy Sadie the greatest of them all
    Sexy Sadie how did you know
    The world was waiting just for you
    The world was waiting just for you"

    But $5000 for Sadie is crazy money!!
  3. Currawong Contributor
    On an instinct I grabbed an amp I'm very overdue to review, the Sound Potion Monolith, and tried it with the Laylas. The result is a bit V-shaped, but very pleasant to listen with, as it adds to the sense of "space" and adds just the right amount of warmth with vocal tracks. 
    It's a bit of an unusual amp, being all-discrete and powered by 2x 3.7V batteries.
    http://soundpotion.cart.fc2.com/?ca=7 (I think you have to buy the case separately.)
  4. cheznous
    Arrived today.
    Being the boss an urgent appointment will be taking me home very soon.
  5. cheznous
  6. cheznous
  7. acain

    It's good to be the king.
  8. acain

    Wow looking at the time stamp, you didn't waste any time to get home LOL!!!
  9. hermantkoza
    Hi there
    IF there is a God, he speaks to me through my Laylas and NW-ZX2
    I have been listening to mostly vinyl for the past 40 years through Audio Note Gear and a Linn full Monty table.
    The Layla/Sony combo isn't necessarily better, just very different. It is, i imagine, what very very (the best ) dope is like
  10. goodvibes

    I think it's called revealing.[​IMG]
  11. soundblast75
    Just add the new VorzAmp Pure II+ and God speaks even more:wink::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  12. cheznous
    Is the Vorzamp available in UK or did you import it?
  13. soundblast75

    Same price, they ship from Germany or Singapore, mine came from germany super quick, but i did ask about customs, they'll do whatever is necessary if needed.
  14. figaro69
    Disaster strikes.  Today I received my Layla.  Having trouble fitting it the right way in my left ear.  Compared both earpieces and their shapes are quite different.  There is a strange curvature or hump in the left earpiece that doesn't let one quite get a nice fit and makes it uncomfortable.  Moreover, the sound is kind of unbalanced given the different shapes.  What's wrong with Mr. Harvey? Shouldn't he be using molds for his IEMs that are mirror images of one another?  Shoddy craftsmanship...a shameful travesty...and all for a cool 2.5K.  I have several IEMs (e.g., sennheisers; shures, etc) and both earpieces are exactly the same size and shape.  Moreover, in my opinion, the accolades these Laylas have received are quite overblown.  I don't hear the huge soundstage people have been talking about.  My full sized cans all sound better than these...I even like my Shure 846s better because they fit much better.  What a disappointment!!!
  15. Rico613

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