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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. angelom

    Thank you for reply lojay.

    Is difficult to understand for me the difference of price between Angie and Lyla, $1400 is a big difference for 2 iems with same or similar science and technology. I know A&K products are very expensive and market always say how much money people can want pay but is strange. Angie isn't cheap but isn't shock price like Layla. Maybe Layla can cost $1500 or $1700 I understand more.

    I want Layla with ak240, it says is good combination sound the reviews says because iem is portable but sometimes I use iPhone 5S.

    I watch people say Layla is best iem and compare to expensive headphones. I think sometimes bad opinions is people cannot pay $2500. Very honest review is difficult finding but I wait more opinions from experienced people. Yes, is true is important to live with equipment to give opinion more real.

    I want to try Layla myself but is not easy, maybe I like it but not very very much, if I don't like it very much is very much much money. Angie maybe possibility buy now but I want sure and don't think after I make mistake with Angie.
  2. angelom

    Hi Simon T and thank you for reply.

    Emotional connection is difficult and confusion concept for me. I like hd800, er-4s and f111 very much and I think have emotional connection with that iems than with se846 and Parterre.

    I always want to hear tg334 but is impossible to buy outside Japan because Fitear build not very units of tg334. I think this iem maybe much bass for me? Many people says K10 is very good but not reference. A12 people says is very good too but I don't know is reference sound.

    I'm not purist but I think prefer very much neutral sound because I can listen much different music (classic, jazz, rock, pop, folk, world) with this iem sound.
  3. dezispop
    sorry to interrupt.

    Anyone got their custom made Layla on hand?
  4. John Culter

    Picking up them today from Fedex! Can't wait :)
  5. Mimouille
    Because according to Eric, Layla is supposed to bring you to your knees.
  6. dezispop
    thats cool! 
  7. piksnz
    Got my Layla Universal. I am sure impressed with the openness and superb imaging quality of the IEM. Using SpinFit tips. It does not have the sharp treble as K10. Will let it burn in.
    Did a unboxing video:
  8. shotgunshane Contributor
    ^ can you elaborate on the k10 sharp treble a bit? Especially in comparison to your Layla? Thanks!
  9. angelom

    Hello Mimouille.

    I'm sorry but who is Eric? Is he reviewer of Layla? Or is it joke maybe I don't understand?
  10. piksnz
    What I meant was my k10 has harsh treble and shrill highs. Sometimes it is quite painful to listen, whereas the detail and openness of Layla is a sheer joy to listen. Btw My k10 is uiem.
  11. Currawong Contributor
    Good question! At some point I'll get the DITAs out again and compare. I also want to compare with the Tralucent Ref 1 as I was pretty impressed with them too. 
    Fantastic when I tried them. My Hugo is hooked up to amps at the moment, but I'll have another go later.
    Very annoyingly I had a significant shift in FR when driving them from my AK240 directly, then using the SE out to an ALO Audio Rx (new model) and again from the Calyx. I need to try and nail down what the heck is happening, because it wasn't trivial at all. The AK240 made them sound quite dark, the Rx opened up the treble and "soundstage" and the Calyx was somewhere in the middle. If anyone else has had weird experiences like this, please do say.
    audionewbi likes this.
  12. lojay
    My Laylas also change their character and FR substantially depending on whether they are driven by the iPhone, AK240 or my EC 445/ Apex Teton, with the iPhone sounding brightest. But the most drastic change is by swapping the tips from the Comply tips to the single flanges supplied by JH Audio. Cleared up the veil. 
    Currawong likes this.
  13. Rico613

    Can you rate the amps for overall SQ with the Layla?  Where does the 240 rank?  I would assume the EC 445 and Apex were a lot better . . .
  14. angelom
    Hello Currawong.

    I have ak240 and is one reason I want to buy Layla or maybe Angie now, it's difficult decision. Do you have problem of the FR with the balanced cable and the normal cable? Can you explain more the problem of the FR? Do you listen similar problem like shotgunshane?

    I can't remember did you listen to Angie too? Can you compare the two iems please? I see people compare Layla and Angie don't have much time with Angie and only little comment usually good but not very good like Layla. Maybe people don't have same time with two iems and fast decide Layla is better?
  15. Mimouille
    I could push it but I am a nice guy :) Eric Clapton wrote and sang the song it was inspired from. All the Siren series names come from women in rock songs. And in this song, Eric says :
    "Layla, you've got me on my knees.
    Layla, I'm begging, darling please.
    Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind." She's says ease my mind but in this case she eases your wallet.
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