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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. audionewbi
    In terms of coherence are they able to produce he same coherency as single driver dynamic IEM?
  2. piksnz
    Could anyone please give their impression of the SQ of Layla when driven by Chord Hugo?
  3. audionewbi
    Can't help but wonder about this pairing, picture from @MoonAudio
  4. Rico613
    "Black Dragon will be early summer. Silver Dragon will be late summer. Sign up for our newsletter for updates."
      Thank You.
    Drew Baird, P.E. 
    Moon Audio 


  5. goodvibes
    As he didn't answer, I will. Yes and that's been the case with all the FPs and sirens. As for Currowong's other comments. I think an X5 just sounds that way though I read the latest FW is better and I agree about the general warmth and why I gravitated toward the Angie when I listened. I think most IEM listeners like that warmth and call it 'natural' (it's also not foreign to dynamics). I am not one of those. As an overall description, natural, neutral and accurate all mean the same thing to me. 
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  6. audionewbi
    This is why I kept the calyx M despite owning the Lotoo as the M has that warmth that Lotoo can lack. Angie is considerably more affordable (if one can say that). Layla just so painfully price that no matter what I cannot fool myself into buying it. 
  7. tumburu
    A rare thing (pardon my pun) :D
  8. goodvibes
    If you get the opportunity, try that thing I PMed you about.[​IMG]
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  9. audionewbi
    I am looking for an able technicians locally. Truly thankful for it :)
  10. angelom
    I wrote in other Layla and Angie thread today earlier. One person replied very helpful but maybe more people can help me here too. Thank you. I copy my 2 posts:

    Hello. I'm a new member and I am interested in Layla, but today I saw a review at Cymbacavum dot com. I can't post the link because I'm a new member.

    I'm worried because Layla is supposed to be a flat monitor but the review says it isn't.

    Is Angie more flat or neutral than Layla? I thought Layla was the perfect studio in ear monitor.

    The review says soundstage is good but not as open as others have described.

    Please help because this is a very big investment for me.

    Thank you.

    I have Sennheiser hd800, Etymotic er-4s, Final Audio fi-ba-ss, Fitear Parterre and f111, Shure se846 and Atrio m5. Atrio has a lot of bass and I don't like it very much. Parterre has good bass and soundstage. se846 has good bass with a lot impact but I get tired quickly. I prefer HD800, er-4s, fi-ba-ss and f111. er-4s isn't comfortable but it has beautiful sound when fit is very good. I bought fi-ba-ss and f111 because they are more comfortable than er-4s but I prefer Etymotic sound.

    I want to have one very good headphone and one or 2 very good iems only. If I like Layla I can sell my other iems. I don't want custom iem because I'm afraid fit will not be good and then it's very expensive and a lot of problems. It's sad because I cannot try iems where I live so I have to read a lot online.

    Layla and Angie are universal iems and Layla is very expensive. Maybe Angie is very good but I want the best. I don't want to think I am near excellent, I want really excellent excellent.

    The review of Cymbacavum is from a experienced person I think. Other people with experience here say different things. I know sometimes people talk very good things and not true really but I see opinions from people with a lot of experience.
  11. lojay

    I've read the review you are talking about. The reviewer's views are basically in line with mine. If I were you I would bear in mind that the rather negative tone of the review is attributed to the fact he did not agree that the Layla was worth so much money at all. That I agree, but how much money you are willing to spend is up to you. The reviewer ultimately found he really liked the Layla, for what it's worth.

    On the negatives I agree with him that the midrange I think can sound closed in on certain tracks, which is quite an issue when it is driven by my top end amps but not so much by an iPhone. I am trying to figure out whether this can be fixed with better tips as I am using the Comply tips. But that does not affect tonal balance much when I compare it to the HD800 (modded), as the HD800 has a characteristically thin midrange too. In fact I like vocals on the Layla more than the HD800.

    i think all in all you might be committing yourself to a common error on these forums, trying to find consensus from experienced people when there will be none. I have been on this forum too long to know there are bound to be lovers and haters. They may have different hearing preferences, different musical or genres preferences, or most importantly different testing equipment and rigs. And I would generally treasure the view of those who have lived with a pair of headphones more than someone who has just posted impressions of perhaps hours of experience, though that is just a guideline rather than a rule.

    I would definitely think you should try it for yourself. I tried it and instantly loved it. It has an open and spacious sound with amazing treble that reminds me of the HD800. It is very detailed and has top notch instrumental separation for an IEM. But as the honeymoon period cools off for me it is clear that the Layla will not replace the SR009 or the HD800. Comfort is an issue, the soundstage still being within your head is another issue and the midrange muffle has to be fixed.
  12. Rico613
    ^ nice summary of things Head-Fi . . 
  13. MacedonianHero Contributor

    While I can never see the Layla's replacing my SR-009s, I can definitely understand how they could replace my hd800s. :wink:
  14. LouisArmstrong
    Hi there. I am LouisArmstrong, the thread starter. I am thrilled to learn that this thread has attracted so many enthusiasts, some of which I consider grand masters of Head-fi.
    Has anyone tried turning the bass all the way up? I find the Layla much harder to drive with the bass all the way up than at 1 o'clock. They say the bass is not supposed to affect the mids and trebles but I find it otherwise. The sound becomes quite different with the bass turned up, especially when driven from an iPhone 6+ and I had to turn the volume up for quite a bit. I suspect this is due to the incapability of the internal amp of the iPhone 6+ to drive the Layla at max bass.  
    Even on my AK240, I have to turn up the volume for a bit (say, from around 40 at 1 o'clock bass to around 50 with Layla's bass maxed out) to make the volume of the mids relatively "normal". And even when the volume is matched, I find the mids are a little bit different, as if something was missing - I wouldn't go so far to say the sound is off, but to say that turning up the bass will not affect mids is not entirely the truth, as least to me.
    Thanks for reading and please share your experience with the bass knob and your choice of bass volume with different devices. Thank you very much!
  15. Simon T
    Hi angelom,
    Like you, unfortunately, it is difficult for me to audition and thus need to rely on impressions/reviews most of the time. Having said so, last month during a business trip I managed to audition the following:
    Set up with Sony NW-ZX1 > Chord Hugo >
    -Layla (Universal)
    -Angie (Universal)
    -FitEar MH334 (Custom demo) = FitEar To Go 334
    -FitEar MH335 (Custom demo)
    -Noble Audio K10 (Universal)
    Because I am an audio enthusiast who does not have the most sensitive ears; what I look for in a pair of earphones/headphones, is the emotional connections when I listen to my favourite tracks on them.
    Unfortunately, I did not felt that "wow" factor neither on the Layla & Angie, they did have a big and airy sound stage and they did sound very flat to me (considering that the LCD-3s and the SE846 are my reference IEMs/headphones). Nevertheless, I adjusted the frequencies and reached to a sound signature I am used to, and they did sound great.
    After auditioning them I told myself that, these are aimed to the purists and the studio mastering professionals; even though they sounded great, they just were not my cup of tea.      
    The earphones which really impressed me, and, I had goose bumps while listening to my reference tracks, were the FitEar To Go 334 and Noble Audio K10s. I went ahead to order the Custom Wizard K10s, and was ready to purchase the ToGo334 (unfortunately, they did not have them in stock, and told me that FitEar Japan changed their ordering process for these i.e. have to wait for 2 months like any custom IEM order).
    In conclusion, my post is not meant to discourage you from purchasing the Layla or the Angie, but since they are indeed substantial/big investments. I really do think you should audition them before making a decision. Impressions from me or reviews from other more experienced people, are not substitutes to your first hand (in this case first ear) personal experience.
    Hope it helps
    Simon T.
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