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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. Vitor Valeri
    I chose Ares due to the comments about the mids. People who bought the cable wrote saying the mids become warm, more forward, which is what I wanted most in my JH5.
    I even thought about the possibility of buying Thor, but the comments of the Ares I ended up preferring Ares.

  2. TDanz
    By the way.
    Does anyone know, what is the basic material of JH5pro original cable?
    Is that silver coated?
  3. Vitor Valeri
    @TDanz , now i have the Ares and Thor cable of Effect Audio! Soon I will make a comparison between them. ^^
  4. Vitor Valeri
    A short impression of the Thor Copper with JH5 (compared to the Ares cable also):
  5. Visionary8

    just got my jh5 little than a week ago. i noticed that my pair has been lacking a bit of bass? it sounds a bit hallow compared to my other earphones. it sounds great overall but it just lacks that bit of bass to make it sound complete. i was wondering if thats how it's suppose to sound or is there something wrong with my jh5?

    am new with iems as the jh5 is my first pair so please bare with my lack of understanding!

  6. kernel8888
    The perception of it lacking bass is largely dependent on what you're comparing it to. My memory is that it's not weighty, dense bass, but it does have satisfying kick. Compared to the jh13, it's leaner and doesn't extend as low. But if there is no channel imbalance, and you can run a sweep and hear decent bass down to 20-30hz, you're probably fine. If there was a driver issue, it should be pretty obvious as its only a 2-driver iem.

    Could have something to do with seal. rub 2 fingers together just outside your ear and see if you can hear it, or if one side is louder than the other.
  7. Visionary8
    thanks kernel for you reply.

    ran a sweep and i guess the drivers are working fine. i've been using a bose AE2 and and a B&o A8 before the jh5. what i'm experiencing is something like listening to speakers without a sub woofer?

    another question i have is that, is it normal to feel that the iem being tight in ear as a new user to iems? i sometimes feel a strain when listening to it.
  8. kernel8888
    Yea you might give them a few days to see if your ears get used to them. But headphones and iems generally shouldn't sound like subwoofers, unless that's your thing. But jh5s are quite balanced, and one of the fullest sounding 2ba iems around. Really miss mine, they have probably the most incredible "visceral-ness" in the mids. The sounds seem like they physically impact you sometimes

    For example- crank this
    And tell me you don't feel what I'm talking about.
  9. Visionary8
    just listened to the song and i get what you mean, it does sound good with a satisfying bass punch. but i just can't help to feel that something is missing when listening to normal music that isn't bass centred. i probably just have to get used to the sound signature of the jh5.

    was looking for a versitile pair of earphones that would sound great too while watching a movie but the lack of the sub woofer sensation does leave some regret in me. maybe i'm just expecting too much from it haha.
  10. Vitor Valeri
    Make the seal test because it is not properly seated bass will be the most affected -> http://www.sensaphonics.com/test
  11. Visionary8

    thanks for the recommendation. after testing i don't think i have a problem with the seal. i read your review about the jh5 saying that it '
    missed warmth on them for some reason unknown to me'. that is probably what i feel is missing from the jh5. a lil bit more warmth in the mids would really do the difference for me. 
  12. cj3209

    You may want to try some different cables.  I use a Linum Estrom cable I got used for cheap; seems flimsy but works very well and makes my JH5s sound pretty good; never thought they needed warmth.  To me, their compromise is bass clarity and impact and that crystal high that seems to be lacking.  Otherwise, an outstanding value.
    Of course, I don't use them for critical listening (that's what my Angies are for) but enjoy them on-the-go.
  13. Visionary8
    Thanks everyone for their advice. It seems to be a fit issue. Only today did my iems properly fit into my ears. However the iem on the right side isn't fully inserted as compared with the left side as i can feel a bit of the sides of the iem. The feeling when both iems are in ears is different too.

    I hope this isn't a cause of concern as i assume my right ear is still expanding to fit the iems. I've been doing the seal test recommended by vitor and the 50hz, it sounds even on both side. Fingers crossed it'll be the same when I test it again tomorrow.

    Really hope I wouldn't have to send them back for correction! :S
  14. K.I. Unlimited
    I gave up on my pair. Against the Etymotics and any 3 driver IEM these things sound dead and uninteresting.

    Now that's two dead pairs of custom IEMs sitting at home, the other one being the EM1-iFI.
  15. cj3209
    I guess we all have different opinions. I still use my JH-5s with an upgraded cable and it sounds great, even compared to my Angie's. I had the Etymotics and the treble energy was just too much for me. Moved on to Shure 535s (which were ok) and then CIEM JH-5s which rocked.

    Happy listening!

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